I did build a little glider and flew it around before it timed out and disappeared and I died. Then I checked the quest log, which explicitly says “take a dive into hyrule” Read more

Pretty sure the snow pants are after the snow section on purpose, as the whole cave before the snow area is to teach about cooking and elemental effects. Read more

4% interest is all you need to know. Hopefully this will put some pressure on the major banks to up their interest rates (as historically banks have done when fed rates, mortgage rates, inflation rose). Citi just started offering 4% 9 month CD’s, so they’re starting to sweat. Read more

Wow, Kotaku really leaning into the adult entertaining SEO, despite none of the articles actually being about adult entertainers. You guys realize this is weird, right? Like, tell Jim Spanfeller this is weird. Read more

Psychologist here! The Myers-Briggs is one of the oldest objective personality tests (as opposed to projective, like the Rorschach). It is extremely inaccurate, based on Jungian Archetypes from the 19th century, and no one uses it professionally anymore. Assuming your counselor was not a licensed psychologist, they Read more

I’m massively surprised in these days of cynicism and marketing/viral stunts etc that it isn’t obvious that this was done with the explicit permission of (and likely filming assistance from) her mother. Read more

I mean, it’s a bald-faced ploy to get you to pay for two months instead of subscribing, watching the show you want, and then cancelling (basically what I do).  Read more

Sounds a LOT more like Blaster Master. Almost exactly. Read more

It is a very silly and enjoyable movie. Ironically, the closest comparison I could make is to Wet Hot American Summer, but much gorier. Read more

I think you have a lot of cognitive dissonance you need to work out. Read more

I remember paying $75 for Final Fantasy III (VI) in, what...1994? Read more

Did the exact same thing with Jedi Fallen Order. Some games ramp you up to final boss (Hollow Knight). By the end of Jedi, I just wanted it to be over. And I liked the rest of the game!  Read more

Verification was also to stop lawsuits from public figures who are being impersonated. If those public figures choose not to pay, Twitter is opening itself up to a lot of liability Read more

What an interesting point! Meanwhile, the Jews in Marvel either have boring sex lives (The Thing, Magneto) or are constantly horny and unsatisfied (Kitty Pryde)  Read more

A lawyer in the NY and CA bars is not uncommon at ALL.  Read more

The new one about Yanchen was good too!  Read more

Yes, OP might want to look up the term pornography.  Read more

Killjoys was so much fun, I have a lot of faith in that showrunner. This is definitely good news Read more

What are the drakengard and Bayonetta references? I can see, possibly, Yonah and the Shadowlord, but what else? Read more