May 27

There may be a PlayStation 5 online showcase as soon as next Wednesday, according to a new report from Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki and some other guy. They write: “The virtual event could be held June 3, though some people also cautioned that plans have been in flux and that the date may change.”

Apr 19 2019

I don’t comment around here much any more - for many reasons - but honestly I find your comment galling and couldn’t fight the urge to reply. Though for the record, I’m not interested in comment section spats so that’s not what this is. Read more

Mar 29 2019

Hey Protonstorm! I appreciate all the work you guys do on anitay! You all are the reason I’m watching Prince of Smiles, Boogiepop, and Magical Girl Spec-ops this season! I always look forward to your work!

Mar 11 2019

I played WoW from Vanilla up through Cataclysm. Between my old guild splitting up and learning how much of a rep grind Mists was gonna be, I had to hang it up.

Feb 28 2019

In a game where you have like twenty levels of health upgrades, almost as many stamina upgrades, the ability to buy/craft/discover better and better armor and gear, gear and weapons strewn around the overworld that naturally gets better as you go along, a master sword to earn, four unique new abilities to acquire from Read more

Jan 8 2019

Play Persona 5. It is a much better game than Diabobo 3. And Joker would spank Tyrael like the naughty angel he is.

Sep 20 2018

This comment section will invariably be interesting. This is another good report on the anti-progressive strain of thought that is very prevalent in many gaming corners.

While I can sympathize with those who feel like there are people on the left who can’t really see the forest for the trees and harp on slights that Read more

Aug 14 2018

on one hand, I agree. on the other, there’s an entire other ecosystem largely divorced from the world of traditional reporting that’s *actually* keeping him relevant, and I doubt that this post’s existence has much bearing on that. so in this particular instance, I figure why not make fun of this extremely 2018 farce Read more

Feb 27 2018

Warning to adults everywhere. These kids are really smart and really good at the social media, stop screwing with them.

Jun 19 2017

i will never understand the appeal of announcing to everybody that you will never understand the appeal of this show. Read more

Feb 6 2017

This is way to many words written about a non-problem. Anyone can create a server and it’s up to them to moderate it. Just like teamspeak and vent and the rest. If they choose not to moderate it, then it’s up to the people hanging out there to decide if they want to be thee or not. No one is forced to remain in Read more