Jan 8

Neltz-sama (as we called him on Kotaku’s old reader-run blog AniTAY) was one of the kindest, most sincere guys around. Back when he used to work the morning shift, he always compiled a list of reader posts to share to Kotaku’s front page. He even directly shared individual articles every once and a while. I was 18 and Read more

Dec 1 2019

Great job this week Peter, I always enjoy it when you take over Kotaku for a day or two.

Nov 8 2019

Hey Heather, great article and thank you for sharing. Quite a whirlwind couple of weeks in the kinja-verse, to say the least. We all really appreciate your and the rest of Kotaku’s efforts. The personal touches you guys put into your work is what has made Kotaku my go-to for video game journalism for years.

Mar 11 2019

You didn’t miss much. I really enjoyed MoP, but the end game was a slog and in hindsight not worth it.

Mar 10 2019

I think this is a really good point, and one that it took me a while to realize when I was on that reputation grind for WoW’s Mists of Pandaria expansion. This whole fiasco has been exasperated lately with the push for AAA games to be run like MMOs. We are getting games that are completely unfinished, some of which Read more

Jan 11 2019

Hey guys, thanks for doing this. My question comes from the perspective of a longtime user of Talk Amongst Yourselves, which (for any commenters reading this who aren’t aware) is Kotaku’s reader-run community. I’m mostly a member of the AniTAY part (, but I think TAY in general has slowed Read more

Dec 31 2018

Great list! I think what was interesting (and maybe this is every year but I’d have to go back and think about it) was how so many of the best shows really came out of nowhere for me. I almost didn’t watch A Place Farther Than the Universe and Asobi Asobase but in the end they were some of my favorites as well.

Dec 14 2017

I love Polkadot Stringray, just barely missed out on seeing them at Rock in Japan 2017 this past summer. Their first full album just came out a month ago!

May 28 2016

I think the biggest issue is that the show is primarily supposed to be focused on action instead of horror, but in the first episode the Kabane were presented so well that they did generate a lot of “fear factor”. However, as soon as you hit the point where the Kabaneri come in and are able to easily kill the Kabane, Read more

Aug 5 2015

I’m actually okay with this, because then after that we could get the Xbox One Two Three. Catchy? I think so.

Aug 3 2015

I have been wondering the EXACT same thing. Several of my friends got Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, and I was never too into it, never heard of it again. Suddenly this came out, and I swear at first I thought it was the same game everyone was suddenly talking about and was super confused for a bit.

Jul 10 2015

If Obama actually watched anime, which anime would he like the best?

Jul 1 2015

It’s likely delayed because a large portion of the staff leadership is at Anime Expo this week.

May 22 2015

Well, you have to understand the crazy amount of influence and pressure big publishers can exert on these newer companies, even if the founders DO have connections, as well as the fact that some big publishers just won’t bite sometimes. For example, Mighty No.9. Capcom was never going to make another Megaman, and Read more