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Hi Luke, maybe you will read this, maybe you won’t. I’ve been an avid Kotaku reader nearly daily since 2009. You, and up until recently Mike Fahey (RIP), had always been the constants. Read more

Damn, I started reading Kotaku in the latter half of the 2000s and it *is* weird seeing that staff photo now. I’m still following the site because things change, of course they do. But with yourself leaving, it’s the last link to university-life Kotaku gone and now I’m firmly in sensible middle-age life mode.

If any of Read more

Crazy, man. I think I’ve been reading since late 2007 or early 2008. The last of the old guard. It’s not gonna be the same without you. Hope you’re moving on to new, great things.

That team photo is nuts. I think the best years really were from like 2010ish to 2016ish? No shade to everyone before and/or after. You’re Read more

Thank you for all your good work. Last one out, turn off the lights Read more

I was just thinking last when reading an article of yours last week, “Luke’s still here.” But damn, I guess it truly is the end of an era for Kotaku now. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Read more

Waypoint shut down, All of Giant Bomb’s original folks moved on, now the last of the oldschool Kotaku writers leaves the site. I know that most of these folks have other projects ongoing, but it does seem like a lot of my old standard bookmarks aren’t what they used to be, for better or worse.
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Oh ha I totally forgot about that. Honestly, that Goldeneye remake was surprisingly good considering the state of Wii exclusives at the time. I don’t recall if that was before or after Eurocom, the developers of the remake, put out Dead Space Extraction but that was another game which was shockingly high quality for Read more

In my experience haptics+adaptive triggers are compatible with Remote Play on PC. Not sure about iPad, though. Read more

Sadly the PC version doesn’t have haptic feedback nor adaptive trigger support. (only normal vibration and lightbar color matching the health of Leon I think)
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Okay I want whatever this studio was smoking because that is amazing
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It’s a boot Miyamoto, you didn’t make it!

I appreciate that now every mainline Metroid is playable on the Switch, but... Zero Mission and Samus Returns are the superior ways to experience the original and Metroid II. Read more

I don’t think that’s it. There’s got to be some Other Metroid game we’re missing...but baby, I just can’t think of it. Read more

Your math is in fact wrong because the events are not independent. Ad absurdum, imagine there are only 2 days in the year and 3 people: if person A and B don’t share a birthday, person C must share a birthday with one of them. You start off well, we need to calculate the probability that 2 people don’t share a Read more

“This weapon lacks inking power but makes up for it by how good it is at splatting enemies” Read more

I’m on the opposite end, still sticking with the Aerospray for the third time because nothing else feels good to use. I’m bad at getting kills, so why not spec all the way into coverage? Honestly can’t stand matches against people with “killing” weapons, it’s a valid strategy to keep the other team down but it’s so Read more

Valve’s received a lot of flack over the last 15 years for abandoning Episode 3 and honestly… it’s not enough. What the fuck, guys.  Read more

You can thank people like me who imported the Japanese version! Read more

Avoiding “touristy” experiences is as much a matter of timing as it is destination. Read more