I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used as a positive or a self descriptor, just as a term for the people who get defensive and entitled about stuff they like in the most unreasonable ways. Read more

Beth has been pretty open about liking the novel and whilst I’m not sure what she thinks of the film I doubt she hates it.
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This man was a living breathing red flag and yet still got opportunity after opportunity. 
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The only thing that would throw me about an X-COM TV show is they characters would likely have names like “Claire Stephens” and “Juan Perez” and not the kind I’m used to them having like “Kitkat Chunky” or “Captain Crunch”.
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While I broadly agree with you (XCOM would be a good fit for TV, not least because UFO was already a good fit for TV), but I don’t think the problem is the medium being used that results in bad to middling game movies but the material being chosen.

“Obviously things do fall faster than Newton said.” Read more

*flashback to that SNL skit about Game of Thrones having a 13yr old co-writer who just added tits and blood to everything* Read more

It’s a strength IMO, same with the issue Legion has with Prof. Xavier. Read more

One other thing: is it me or is a lot of the dialogue really hard to understand? Read more

The scifi-noir aspect probably has a bit to do with it. Outside of the tech and the very fancy lighting there are a lot of elements which often come straight from old detective stories where everything is set in the criminal underworld and thus every business is a brothel a drug den or a gambling ring. Read more

Same comment seems to imply the real world is also full of blood so I worry about the crime rates of these places. Read more

There were a few times where I wanted the show to change course and focus on one of the other more interesting ideas it raised. The AI was a big one, there was a fascinating hint at their relationships to each other and diversity of thought among them but...nope time for another much too long and not interesting fight Read more

I binged it this week (I don’t have Netflix myself but I was house sitting sooo...) and Altered Carbon really was a great heaping pile of... just ok I guess. Read more

Never a good sign when I spend the action scenes peeling grapes to occupy my mind until they’re over. Read more

That particular part is possibly one of my most hated tropes in all SSF, writers wanting to have a pregnancy story but not being bothered to write a baby story...or hell more often than not not even bothering to write a pregnancy story, because hey would you look at that, gestation only takes a week thanks to this Read more

Heck, the robot animals make way more sense than the people do IMO. Read more

I adore his score for Moon, really pleased to see these two working together again. Read more

Also top marks to the camera person there for panning back to Obama at the end like a reaction shot on The Office. Read more