young preeezy
10:51 AM

I have to agree with you. As always, Lainey was right to note the promotion at the end of his “apology.” As she said, “his narcissism is breathtaking.” Like, just one time he couldn’t make it about his partner and how he humiliated her, or about his family, or own up to an indiscretion, or whatever, it still had to be Read more

10:11 AM

I disagree about mention of Wainwright—I don’t think she needed to be mentioned here any more than she was. I am firmly in the camp of the married party being the one who bears the brunt of the responsibility, and the issue at hand is how he acted. The biggest thing to me is that he’s co-opted his “good husband, Read more

10:05 AM

When I was first starting out in my career, I constantly got the “You are so amazing, and we want you so bad, but we can’t pay you.” What’s worse is that I’d fall for it! Nothing like being so amazing and then answering phones unpaid while waiting for all my administrative duties to be done so I can actually do the Read more

3:42 PM

Wow, the marriage and breakup part of their relationship was during my freshman year of college. I don’t know why I would have guessed it was later than that.... Probably just remembering E! or VH1 reminiscing years later. Now that I think about it, I was definitely in high school when that pink bikini butt music video Read more

7:41 PM

Black leggings, all day. You can even sleep in them. Lower-heeled ankle boots (grey or black), preferably waterproof. Blondi makes cute ones that aren’t too pricey and are also pretty comfortable without looking geriatric. A couple of knit tunics in neutral colors. Pair of jeans or cords. Turtleneck sweater. A long Read more

2:08 PM

Meh, it can be two things. I’m comfortable with the idea that superheroes are a vital and interesting part of fictional media, while also being, as Moore states, great examples of fascist power fantasies. Read more

11:06 AM

Here’s hoping they accept a plea and spill everything.

10:26 AM

Every 30 minutes still leaves plenty of time for him to commit suicide, FWIW. Anyhow, he’s dead and