young preeezy
12:38 PM

This child couldn’t trust family, so called friends and there were men preying on her. She literally had no where to turn. Read more

12:48 AM

GIRL. Lisa Vanderpump quite literally last week said she wouldn’t fire cast members for their racist indiscretions - at the time she was talking about two other cast members, which says a lot about this cast. This week, she’s fired the founding two Stassi and Kristin AND the two cast members she said she wouldn’t fire Read more

2:58 PM

Yeah I just can’t understand wanting to watch it now, same with handmaid’s tail. I am glad that it’s good at least I have heard lots of people talking about it.

12:21 PM

I’ll certainly watch, but - ANOTHER alternate-history story? Perhaps it’s because we are all so eager to rewrite the present, butHollywood is all over the alternate-history thing right now - for better and worse: in less than a year, we’ve had Sharon Tate live; nice idea (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Lindbergh wins Read more

9:26 PM

The takeaway I get from Tiger King is if you want to start a cult, use animals as your cover story. I’m currently in negotiations with my sister’s two cats, offering them positions as my consigliere and security chief, respectively.

8:58 PM

There’s going to be a mini-series adaptation with Kate McKinnon as Carole, and for Joe Exotic I read they’re trying to get... Margot Robbie, which is amazing. Any ya’ll got casting suggestions for Doc Artle, Jeff Lowe and his dimwit wife Lauren, Joe’s hubbies John, Travis and Dillon, and Carole’s dork husband Howard? Read more