young preeezy
Nov 17

I won’t say too much so as not to doxx her, but a close family member went to boarding school with Ivanka at Choate in Connecticut. I hope they start their public tell-alls soon, as I heard enough stories to sour my opinion even before the Trump family ran our country into the ground.

Nov 17

Having lived in NYC for over a decade, a few of those years spent working on Wall Street, I have a very difficult time believing that the Kushners’ high society friends will actually shun them on a permanent basis. Some will, sure, and they’ll probably be excluded from a few parties in the first couple years, but Read more

Oct 9

I did! But it was way after the deadline closed so I figured I’d repost.

Oct 8

I swear I’ve read this one before- did you post it last year by chance?

Oct 7

I’ve got one I call “Old Gray Thing” that I always forget to post. It was a paranormal encounter but I’m still not sure what exactly it was, and I’ve always been curious if anyone else has seen one too. I’m doxxing myself if anyone I know reads this, but here goes nothing... Read more

Oct 7

Better to pretend they don’t exist if the intruder isn’t aware of them yet.

Oct 7

Holy shit I am so sorry! I cannot imagine how terrifying that was, especially worrying about yourself AND children. Lucky for that dude all he encountered was a knife and two level-headed people. I can’t say he would have been as lucky in my house. I’m glad you’ve had access to therapy and that things are getting Read more

Oct 7

I wish I had a ghost story because I love them (although I’m too much of a scaredy cat to seek anything like that out). But this is the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. Read more

Oct 5

This is sheer madness. IDK how he walked up those stairs, but you can see he was gasping for air during his little Evita moment. Of course he was because he has fucking pneumonia. And when was his last negative Covid test? Did he go to the debate hoping to infect Biden?

Jul 20

I really would commiserate with damn near anyone suffering from a mental health episode in a public forum, where their physical/social interactions are beyond their control. But his outbursts are hurting people. Calling planned parenthood a terrorist org, demonizing women’s ability to control their bodies, belittling Read more

Jul 10

It’s also interesting that Kendall and Kylie are definitely only halfway on the show, but that wasn’t an option for Kourtney? What a great way to fuck up familial relationships, smh.

Jul 9

I binged the most recently available season of KUWTK at the start of self-isolation, and watching Kourtney on it was like watching The Truman Show. The premise of KUWTK is so dumb it seems harmless, but it still looked like she was being tortured by having to be there and try to reason with her sisters/mom/producers Read more

Jul 7

Ugh this is why representation is so bad in Hollywood. I can’t imagine what Michael Bay and his producers are like given some of the content of Transformers movies