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“I told myself it wouldn’t make a difference if I shared my bird’s-eye view of the first family because the public had long ago grown inured to the run-of-the-mill instances of misogyny, elitism, and poor character that I could recollect,” Ohrstrom wrote about her silence, adding, “In reality, I was afraid I’d lose Read more

If the intruder is between them and the master bedroom entryway, there’s not much they can do to escape without risk of getting harmed (especially before the husband knew he could calm the intruder down somewhat). And as someone else said, why would you take the risk of leading him to their children when you know 911 Read more

Yeah. They were quite mean to her regarding her desire to drift away from the show. I get that their position was ‘get in or get out - there’s no halfway in between’ but it sounds like they were consistently bullying her to stay on the show.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t put it past Abby Lee Miller to take any opportunity to shade mothers, even in a throwback post.

My parents grew up devout buddhists and I hear this all the time from them, especially my mom. It used to give me a lot of anxiety, but funnily, it’s actually brought me a lot of peace the last 1-4 years!

“I had this story I’d always wanted to tell,” she says, “and suddenly I felt like the world was ready.” Read more

I think she meant ‘powerful’ in terms of powerful voice, compelling stage presence, etc. And I’m inclined to agree. There aren’t that many (or any, really) like Whitney left out there.

I think “we ran out of chicken sandwiches” was what they told people, as sort of a positive deflection of the underlying issues referenced above. The employee issues makes much more sense, and glad to hear that they’re doing something minimal to address it. Because who really runs out of chicken in this country? When Read more

I’m kind of dying to know how that sorority send-off meeting went.

jesus, that’s a scary thought. Reading that part in the story, I even thought “god, how many times have I had to unconvincingly laugh something off to bear through an incredibly uncomfortable conversation with a creepy man”

Because it has its deliciously funny moments. If you’ve ever watched & enjoyed In the Loop, you will enjoy this show.

I don’t think Biden will be enough to win over the floating majority. Hope I’m wrong though.

Yeah, it always makes me thing of mail. They’re technically a general courier service, so I think when they first started, their delivery range extended beyond food deliveries.

One thing to note: Ava Michelle, who stars as Jodi, made a few appearances in “Dance Moms” (pre-prison Abby) and was the subject of some unnecessary, mean comments from Abby regarding her height and “gargantuan, horrendous arms. (Ava later returned to the series to perform a revenge dance piece as her response.)
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Ah yes, I believe Coco Montrese suffered from the same issue.

I was curious to know more about these “creativity workshops” and was not disappointed. She is indeed her very own Fyre Festival.

Don’t you dare do Tortoro like that!!