Princess Fluffybutt
3:30 PM

It was a bit of a joke, dear friend. Regarding the fact that there is literally one measure of “strength” that men use to define who is the stronger sex and it’s a rather silly one, especially for any damn person who subscribes to bullshit evo-psych theories of gender differences. Read more

8:48 AM

He’s also a 79 year old guy who’d been out of the ‘biz for nearly two decades. Cut the man some slack.

12:02 PM

Why exactly is Albright’s promise to disrupt the Muslim registry by registering as Muslim confusing?? Read more

10:55 AM

Because the crime itself had to be motivated by racial animus, not just a crime committed by racists. Read more

9:54 AM

But they really really do not care. Like at all. Most of them don’t have a twitter account, much less care what he says on his. Hell the outrage about the stuff he says on twitter just reinforces why they voted for him in the first place. Trust me they’re all posting the same sentiment as Trump on Facebook.

11:38 AM

Longtime Jez fan, first time poster. I created this account just now because Jackie was a casual friend of mine and I’m the one who sent the story into Jezebel. Just wanted to say thank you so much for using my tip and posting her story. Jackie was a funny, charming, kind young woman and we are trying to get her story Read more

10:17 AM

My brother died of a heroin overdose last year: you can imagine how seeing this image plastered all over the place has been the past couple weeks has felt (literally, I know there are a million people in my shoes). And the reasoning is SUCH bullshit. Because you know what? 9 times out of 10 heroin users already Read more

6:41 PM

My reaction to your comment as it went through my head.

1:11 AM

I just have to say - and I’ve been feeling this way for a while now, Jezebel’s election coverage this season has been really shitty. It’s not even the transparent and clear backing of a corporate neocon that gets me - yes go ahead call me a crazy Bernie supporter who can’t handle criticisms of him, but the fact that Read more

5:05 PM

Omg ‘she probably considers herself a realist’ is what's cooler than cool/ice cold and it's my new fav burn