Wednesday 2:58PM

This is so unbelievably true. The CEO of a previous company I work for was ousted, and we operated for over a year with no CEO. I was in IT and worked with, and was friendly with, a bunch of the C level executives. The general consensus was that not a single thing was affected by his ouster, other than who gave Read more

Wednesday 2:35PM

I think the point is that for the most part, every CEO is interchangeable and they feel that Activision isn’t being fiscally responsible by giving an outsized paycheck to a guy that is not delivering outsized performance. Activision stock has done well enough but consistently lags behind the Nasdaq composite. Why Read more

Wednesday 1:20PM

Law Enforcement - the preferred occupation of C student high school bullies.

Wednesday 8:10AM

El Salvador is a failed state because of US imperialism. Now it's doubling down on failure. This will not end well.

6/08/21 3:57PM

Fuck golf, there are still far better uses for recycled waste water than that creating those stupid expanses of grass in a fucking desert.

6/08/21 9:14AM

Last time I checked, drywall and plywood still come in sheets of, oh, eight feet?
If the bed is four feet long, that still only makes six feet with the tailgate down, which means I’ve still got two feet of wood dangling out the back every time?

6/08/21 8:38AM

It’d be a lot easier to change the laws if the billionaires, who these tax laws are designed to protect, can throw essentially unlimited money at politicians to ensure that it never changes. It’s not like people haven’t been trying. For decades. We can’t afford to buy politicians, they can.

6/08/21 7:49AM

You do realize that his wealth and power allow him to influence the people who write the laws, yes? It's not that simple.

6/07/21 11:55PM

Just leave. You will miss literally nothing. I can’t even think of a time since I left facebook that I thought “having a fb would be useful right now”

6/07/21 4:58PM

I pretty much refuse to watch facebook. That whole place is a toxic mess and the sooner I can cut the app out of my life the happier I’ll be. I certainly don’t want to spend more time there.

6/07/21 11:24AM

On the flip side, it’s going to be doing the bare minimum to be called “in space” since it will not even orbit.

6/07/21 9:02AM

As with space, it feels like the resources necessary would be better put to use solving the problems on land instead. Capitalism is the problem. Our environmental issues on land are due to companies reaping profits while passing the costs of the problems they are responsible for on to anyone else. The rich are Read more

6/05/21 8:31PM

Companies that are management/leadership heavy need butts in seats so management can feel justified in their roles. The fact that a large majority of individual contributor type roles are showing that they don’t really need managing is pretty scary for those types. Apple should take this as a cue to cut the middle Read more

6/05/21 3:55PM

...being able to secure a space of your own, even if it’s just a 100 square foot apartment, can come with an extreme cost. Read more

6/05/21 3:10PM

While this is probably just rich people being rich people, that's actually a tactic to raise an entire market. Part of how gentrification works is a developer intentionally pricing a small percentage way above market values to increase nearby value. They can then either sell land they bought cheap for a profit or Read more