Wednesday 1:00PM

I remember back in the early 80s in highschool me and a couple buddies took typing class in high school. Back in those days these classes were for girls who wanted to perhaps become secretaries or receptionist. Me and my buddies knew better, we were among the first guys to take it, we figured we needed it because we Read more

Wednesday 12:47PM

I know, they are cute thinking they have 5 years. 

Tuesday 6:26PM

People can move out of the desert. They can stop acting like putting golf courses in a desert is or was a good idea.  Doesnt matter if people dont like it, Mother Nature will have the final say.

Tuesday 6:25PM

its cute they think they have til 2027 to start taking the first baby steps toward taking this climate seriously. pathetic

Tuesday 11:44AM

yep, as soon as we saw that car we laughed as well at the show, screaming no way that kid would have that car.

Tuesday 11:41AM

Im betting on patience. This whole housing and car market is nothing but a bubbly house of cards. The is no foundational basis or data backing that this economy is anything but a fed/Govt driven bubble, as soon as the spigot is cut off and the moratoriums are over, markets are going to pop and good deals will be Read more

Tuesday 11:36AM

you get what you pay for, Im betting in a few years we will all find out where Ford went cheap on this ...maybe sooner.

Tuesday 11:34AM

did he say it was a big part of his life?  this thing cant even bring anything home from Homedepot without it all hanging out its ass.  Im pretty sure thats the point he was making.

Tuesday 11:25AM

theres this thing called the phone. if you want to reach out to family and friends its literally one button push and your actually talking with them.. if they care about you as well, they’ll answer.   If they dont answer, well theres your answer, you dont matter to them.

Monday 2:22PM

its a terrible disease, perhaps the worst. Its strips you of everything including your memories and then kills you. That being said.. Read more

Monday 11:44AM

I always thought, why would someone want to take over a planet or even a country, sounds like a lot of bother/worry/issues. For what? 

Monday 11:42AM

based on a fiat currency, ie. a imaginary currency no more real than monopoly game money.

Monday 11:39AM

Open pit mining is a disgrace and should be outlawed. 

Monday 10:41AM

an underwater city?  we just have to wait a few more years and we will have one, it will be called Miami

Monday 10:39AM

consumer capitalism is the problem. That along with over population and humans are little more than a cancerous tumor killing/threatening  its host

6/06/21 12:47PM

the whole premise is dumb. The world should become a noisy place and thus these monsters cant track crap. Its a premise with a hug plot hole so glaring I dont get how people can watch this mess. Read more

6/05/21 7:19PM

i just think the drivers site lines are compromised. You could have a small child or animal walking right in front of your truck and not be able to see them.

6/05/21 7:16PM

yep, its not rational and it will crash.

6/05/21 7:15PM

land which if its like the US, land you DONT OWN.  

6/05/21 6:47PM

the cause is the american diet and way of life. If it was just human genes we would see obesity throughout the world at these staggering numbers, but we dont. Humans are humans, so lets look at what is different. Its LIFESTYLE.