Dolly Pardon Me
5:20 PM

“Not only was the knee on George’s neck a cause of his death, but so was the weight of the other two police officers on his back” Read more

5:00 PM

So the ME needs to be fired and have their license stripped. Keep peeling back the layers.

9:17 PM

Using his name just feels exploitative. It doesn’t escape that she also had her own name around her neck. This was performative activism in that it was more an exercise for her own ego and brand. I mean, well done for crying??

3:20 PM

Oh nooooooo. This reminds me of a MFA friend of mine who said a guy in her program was from the south and his ancestors were slave owners. He was the most prolific artist of their group and had shows almost monthly. ALL of his art was about his family’s slave owning history and how it made him sad. Big surprise, on Read more

8:41 PM

If literally anyone else murdered someone on camera and they knew exactly who it was, they wouldn't wait at all. They'd go pick them up immediately and charge them very soon after.

6:27 PM

Oh jeez, yeah, your entire second paragraph there is spot on. I work with a couple of women from Thailand, both of whom are married to police officers. Through them I’ve come to realize that quite a few of the local cops, in our and nearby towns, are married to women from southeast Asia. Like, not all or most, but a Read more

6:07 PM

Technically, France has no rules of succession, as it’s a Republic. Spain still has male primogenitor (for now; legislation is pending for absolute primogenitor), but King Felipe and Queen Letizia only have two daughters, and it’s understood that Princess Leonor will be queen.

5:56 PM

Yep, she needed the ability to keep him away from her for a period of time and him locked up currently is her out. If she left him any other time, he could track her down with a callout on her license and such. Read more

5:53 PM

Yeah...and? Good for her. As long he loses something I am perfectly fine with it. And just because he is an asshole doesnt mean she is one.

Sorry but to judge her, because of him is bullshit and doesnt make any sense. If anything it is the same prejudices that people are (rightfully) pissed about at other things. So Read more

5:33 PM

We’ll likely never know, but my assumption was that if he’s this abusive in public he’s almost certainly abusive at home. Possibly she’s taking this opportunity while he’s in custody to start proceedings while he’s unable to physically retaliate.

5:07 PM

Q: strange that they collectively ignored all of the family members before him with rights to the title.” Read more

5:02 PM

Not a lawyer but I’m assuming this move is to protect financial assets and property? They have a second home in Florida, so there must be finances there that will be depleted in his defense or seized in civil suits. She’s trying to get her half before he has nothing. Or, in the least, this delays their financial Read more

5:02 PM

I don’t care about his wife leaving him. His history of abuse on the police force is long and storied. She is not the hero for leaving him. Read more

4:56 PM

There’s a lot of royals using the scam of being distantly accessible to a throne to make money. I took a brief look at the family tree and though there’s tons of women in the line of succession this still puts Louis way out of the way. I don’t know if he’s serious about his position, since he only referred to himself Read more

4:56 PM

that’s an old IMer and IRCer, I typed stream of consciousness. Until I started to have to pay for texts. Then you made damned well sure you said what you had to say in as few words as possible. then came smartphones and it changed again.

These days I’m conscious of sending multiple messages because I don’t Read more