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It also wouldn’t shock me if it was largely because she was a woman working as a video game journalist that dared to criticize their sacred cow. That sort of thing alone tends to set these sorts of people off. It didn’t matter what the criticism was or how fair or justified the criticism is, she was a woman who Read more

I feel so bad for Liana too. She just started at GI not too long ago, and I’ve really liked her presence there so far. And it’s not like she even actually said anything “bad” about the game, just that you might want to be careful. She actually goes out of her way to give people advice on what they can do to keep Read more

Why are there 4 zeros after all the dollar amount commas? 88,0000 is NOT 88k - it’s 880,000. 88k is 88,000 Read more

If any Jalopnik folks are in the comments, I’d be curious to know: do certain car makes and models fog up easier than others, and if so, what are the causes? I drive a Mini Countryman and I swear it fogs up at the drop of a hat. Turning on the heat only seems to exacerbate the problem and I know I’ve done the Read more

After centuries of magicians, carnies, pro-wrestlers, and televangelists, how did it never occur to this guy that you can still make the money without doing it for real? Read more

I have some experience with the Debras of the romance world. I do not understand why they don’t just say “thank you” for the book every time one appears. Roberts/Robb is publishing something insane like 3-5 full length books a year, plus novellas probably. That schedule with her consistent quality is like the Michael Read more

Years ago J-Lo said she used La Mer face cream all over her body every day. 16 oz of that is only $2,500. Totally relatable.  Read more

The problem is that he’s spewing this at people who are heavily armed and itching to kill some folks. Expect to see many more bombings and shootings in 2021. Read more

Yeah I was trying to understand this myself. Apparently it has been done before, as far back as George Washington and as recently as Nixon being pardoned before charges were clear. But it does generally require at least some indication in the wording of the crime that the individual is expected to be pardoned for, so Read more

Yeah, in any sane context, things Bill Barr has already done WRT empowering the executive would be unacceptable. The fact that even he has a limit speaks only to how nonsensical and insane Donald Trump actually is. Read more

Here’s hoping there’s some sort of incident in the ladies’ bathroom where these two idiots get spooked by their own reflections and end up shooting each other.  Read more

Remember these two idiots believe that their fellow Democratic law makers are part of a satanic child trafficking and sacrificing cabal. I can only imagine how much more crazy their staffers will be. No doubt one of these fuckers will attempt to stand their ground against Pelosi to protect the children. Read more

Spot on. It felt like this is where Rian was aiming the ship, but I think JJ and the RoS writers just fell too much in love with the Kylo/Rey arc at the expense of everything else Read more

If they had just changed Jannah’s lines to Finn from “we rebelled against the First Order too!” to “we were inspired to rebel against the First Order because of your example”, that would have been something.  Read more

I’m of the opinion that Finn should’ve been the main character of the entire sequel trilogy. I mean, a defecting stormtrooper? That’s actually interesting, compared to yet another Skywalker.  Read more

Rose’s arc would have improved if she was the master slicer instead of wasting time on going to that casino.  Read more

And to think that all you did here was take their character arcs that were set up in Force Awakens to their logical conclusions. Making this trilogy should have been easy!
Read more

Finn’s arc should have been from reluctant rebel to discovering he was a symbol and inspiration to other disaffected stormtroopers to a full blown rebel leader who inspires a popular revolt in the First Order against Hux and Ren that helps tip the scales in the finale.

Poe’s arc should have given him the opportunity Read more

“I lived them, it wasn’t so bad” - probably because you’re the exact type of person Reagan and his administration liked - a white, straight, neurotypical , middle class American man. I know it’s the big scary no-no word these days, but y’know what that’s called? Privilege. It’s best you start recognizing you lived a Read more