Dolly Pardon Me
10:20 AM

My dad was apparently volcanically mad that my now-husband didn’t ask his permission for my hand. Which just...bowled me over because my father and I never really had that kind of relationship. I thought (THOUGHT) he respected me as an autonomous person and wasn’t beholden to weirdly archaic things like that, but I Read more

11:35 AM

So I was fairly young when this came out (like, 5) and didn’t really catch it until much later. For whatever reason, it always makes me cry...and I hate that it does because I’m not a crier. Maybe because of my own daddy issues, like when I excitedly showed my dad my engagement ring and he said, “Okay. So what does Read more

7:47 PM

My dad was a Southern Baptist preacher at the time and had very rigid views on what was, and was not, acceptable for females to do. Later that night, my mom whispered to me that he felt I'd broken the Commandment about respecting my father and mother. Even though my mom was with me when my hair was clipped, it was Read more

7:43 PM

The last time I did a very big cut, I went from below shoulder length to a very short pixie. I was was also having it bleached to a darkish blonde. There were two old women there getting perms and were AGHAST! I was so young and my hair was so pretty! What misery, what woe! And they tsk-ed and shook their heads and, Read more

2:10 PM

I agree, would've been nice to have some clickables to direct us to the things being talked about. 

2:04 PM

What a great read. It’s oddly comforting to know that female hair has always been a fraught and coded issue when it feels like cutting off your locks can be politicized. Read more

12:28 PM

Whether they personally believe it or not, it’s still harmful - they’re churning out counterfeit pablum and smilingly feeding it to the public, who eat it up and ask for seconds.

11:11 PM

I had the bad luck of being in a waiting room with FOX News on. Laura Ingram was saying, with a smug smile, how Trump came out ahead because he “always takes the high road” and the corrupt Democrats let their greed and hubris be their downfall. Read more

12:43 PM

I read an article once about Trump’s actual speaking style and it suggested that his followers hear what they want and fill in the blanks themselves. That way, he always agrees with them. Read more

8:21 PM

At the zoo I used to volunteer at, body disposal kind of depends on the animal and who wants it. A necropsy is performed to confirm cause of death, gather samples and do whatever else they need. After that, if a nearby veterinary school or university wants it, the body was cut into manageable pieces with an electric Read more

9:24 PM

Oh wow, it's been literal years since I've popped over to GT. Thanks for the reminder!

3:13 PM

I had a shitty incident with pain medications at CVS, same as others here. It was the same prescription I’d been taking (and filling at that branch) for years through my orthopedist. Read more

8:33 PM

This reminds me of a relatively recent Reddit post. A woman’s boyfriend had just gotten a memorial tattoo. It was originally intended to be small, maybe dates or a symbolic object. Read more

10:16 PM

I don’t believe anybody is arguing in favor of prepubescent gender reassignment surgery, though, for many reasons. I keep seeing the idea that “Liberals want kids to get surgery!!11!” but I’ve yet to see anybody actually calling for it to be allowed, even among my very liberal friends, several of whom are trans or Read more