Oct 22

I like how the guide is simply to use a different VPN service... Not worth a whole new article just to state something that can be done in one sentence.

Sep 28

Jesus Christ, get the fuck over yourself

Sep 17

You say you don’t give a fuck but you just posted 3 replies over a 12 minute span to a single person who provided one comment with some examples for why the lady might not be at fault for her situation. Seems to me that you’re whole “I’m a baddass who doesn’t care” persona is a big fat lie and you’re actually just Read more

Sep 16

I literally disagree with everything about this tactic. By not asking children to develop the skills necessary to analyze their own emotional state and communicate the root causes effectively seems like hindering their emotional intelligence. Read more

Sep 6

I’m not down with this anti-intellectualism. I have a large vocabulary. I use the words I know with the closest meaning to what I am trying to say. It means sometimes I use words other people don’t know. Fancy words are fun to learn and say! Read more

Sep 4

This person who found enough acceptance to wear makeup in a pic wanted to make a particular set of minorities feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Aug 29

Well you see, you ventured to respond in an atonal, neutral manner and were told to grow up, clearly this is on you.

Aug 27

Just because ‘most people associate’ something doesn’t make it right.  These are concentration camps, period.  And most people, yourself included, are fucking morons

Aug 19

He died like he lived: drifting aimlessly wherever the current took him.”

Aug 12

Related question - are earplugs (worn for several hours in a row, in order to sleep for example) dangerous? The ones that go into your ears and “fill them out”?

Aug 5 2019

So. A country where a mostly unregulated flow of high-power guns finds it way into the hands of white racists led on by a White Supremacist circle jerk of media and Executive power tries to shift blame away from their own causative words and actions. Read more

Jul 11 2019

A friend had curbsided an unused air compressor with a “free” sign on it for a week or so. He put a “For sale, $20" on it, and the thing was “stolen” that night.

Jul 10 2019

There’s one of you in literally every Apple story ever. You’re not original. You’re not funny. You’re not clever. You’re not witty.

Jul 9 2019

I never thought of Mike's comment to Will being a suggestion that he is gay. Honestly, I hope they don't go in that direction because it doesn't make any sense.  It makes more sense to suggest that he just isn't into relationships at all yet, otherwise he should be able to relate to Mike and Lucas wanting to spend all Read more