8:52 PM

Agreed. I regret my hasty choice of words and the many feathers I’ve apparently rustled because of it.

2:39 PM

Appreciate the other commenters clarifying my original post that apparently insinuates that one would yield enormous tax savings by pushing oneself into a lower tax bracket. They are absolutely right. Still, however little they or anyone else may perceive the tax savings to be doesn’t ignore the fact that I saved on Read more

1:11 PM

One thing that didn’t completely register to me at first was the tax implication of contributing to my 401k. If you have the luxury of contributing to a 401k, consider how far away you are from the next tax bracket. For a while I simply contributed as much as I could (not a bad strategy, to be sure). But if I had paid Read more

8:22 PM

I’ve made it a habit to wash the greasiest thing first since the soap on my sponge is at maximum at the beginning of my dishwashing sesh and save the cleanest stuff for last. Really, if those “clean” dishes are really that clean, I’d just wash them separately anyways (probably just a quick rinse with water under the Read more

3:15 PM

I disabled my Facebook account years ago but only finally permanently deleted it just last year. The real turning point for me was that I was finally honest with myself and accepted the fact that going on Facebook really did make me feel inadequate about my life (aka accepted that I had FOMO). All the other things Read more

12:42 PM

If the problem has escalated to having to use chemicals, then skip the Drano and its equivalents and use pure lye beads for drain opening. Read more

5:59 PM

I don’t do much long-distance driving outside of commuting around SoCal so I try to leave my car as sparse as possible. Here’s what I have in my car outside of the included necessities like spare tire, etc.
Read more

8:02 PM

Your job should enable you to do the things you love, it doesn’t need to be and probably won’t be the thing. Read more

2:59 PM

Pentel EnerGel all the way! But 0.5mm is where it’s at.

12:55 PM

I think a post on ETFs and mutual funds, and how those fit into savings accounts could also be helpful. I opened a brokerage account a few months ago and did a lot of reading on them before I did it, but I still don’t feel like I completely understand them.

2:01 PM

Perhaps it’s all relative to the person whose hot balls you’re referring to. My balls? 84 sounds about right. Jon Hamm’s balls? 95+ makes sense.

1:03 PM

I ate some edibles with my friend once, when my tolerance for pot was much lower and my stupidity much higher. First, we split a whole brownie between us both, and then we split the 50 piece chicken nugget meal from McDonalds before the brownie went into overdrive. At that point, my body was like, “nope, you’re done; Read more

5:52 PM

If you go on a date with someone and it turns out you’re not interested for whatever reason, but they seem like a decent enough person, then please just send a “thanks but no thanks” type of text— especially if they follow up. Unless the person you went on a date with has really a... concerning personality (aka serial Read more

7:09 PM

I “ran” a 14 minute mile during one of our 1 mile run assessments in 6th grade. The sad part is that I was actually trying.