It’s 2019. Can we please give Angel a new haircut? I’ll make a Kickstarter if it will help.  Read more

The fact that all medical practitioners weren’t burned at the stake prior to the discovery of antibiotics is a mystery to me. Read more

RE: Flowers. If you want to get laid, get your partner ranunculuses. They look a bit like roses, but like even-prettier hipster roses some fancy bitch would have all over her wedding. A bouquet of ranunculuses displays just the correct amount of “I tried.” Read more

RE: Flowers. If you want to get laid, get your partner ranunculuses. They look a bit like roses, but like

I have a feeling it’s civil engineers and not archaeologists who are likely to be the victims this time. Read more

Realizing “scaring the pants off kids” is not the best choice of words. Read more

The movie may be great and I do hope the intended audience enjoys it. I just don’t understand why you would use Bellairs as the source material. There are better fantasy writers out there but no one was better at scaring the pants off kids.  Read more

In that time-honored tradition of kvetching about contemporary adaptations of things one loved as a child, let me be the first to say that I’m disappointed that the movie doesn’t look scary at all. The book isn’t a magical adventure. It’s terrifying and that’s what made it wonderful. Bellairs assumed his young readers Read more

I don’t know. I flinched, too, but that didn’t make me think her death was scary. My jump was a visceral response to seeing someone get hurt, like watching a terrible football injury. And once she was dead (due to an outrageous accident) what was there to fear? That the telephone pole was going to come after her Read more

Do tell.

Can we break down what “non-household bird” means? Read more

It does, however, need internal logic. “We were treated in a way slaves were treated as evidenced by how were were treated in a way that slaves were never treated.” Read more

All those ani-literacy laws probably discouraged written communiques. Read more

Good luck!

Same, actually.

I agree that recreational users will always exist, but you might check out this article about the marketing and regulations of Oxycontin based on its oft-repeated, never proven 12-hour efficacy, and how its failure to deliver on that promise actually turned patients using it “properly” into addicts: http://www.latimes. Read more

That is most triumphant of you. Read more