Precious Tritium
Jan 3 2018

There was enough good stuff to make it worth watching I thought. The characters tho were terrible. Luke , Rey and Kylo all had interesting stuff to do , everyone else was just wasting screen time.

Jan 2 2018

Counter Point: He’s a better actor than everyone in Rogue One.

Dec 13 2017

It’s always interesting to watch conservatives attempt humor. The references are almost always hilariously out of date, the attempts at self-deprecation are usually painfully forced, and it comes across like they decided to improv the first take and then felt it was comedy gold that couldn’t be topped. It’s like Read more

Nov 30 2017

I have, and I’m really liking what it has become since moving to WordPress or whatever it is. I still come here for the articles, and because every now and again I’ll find a comments section not dominated by the horrible new commenters (not saying all new commenters are bad, I just don’t want to attract the bad ones Read more

Nov 27 2017

You seem to have some confusion about the purpose of the AV Club. 

Nov 21 2017

As someone who actually knows Senator Franken, the idea that he makes inappropriate jokes isn’t at all surprising. The idea that he’s a serial assaulter, however, is very suspect.

Nov 17 2017

“little thought has been given to the Apu character beyond the accent, that Apu is his ethnicity (and a blatantly distorted one at that) and that’s it.” Read more

Nov 16 2017

In that they’re NOT fucked. While I’d argue that Franken would be one of those candidates that could walk the line between Clinton and Sanders factions, he’s not the only one. Read more

Nov 16 2017

Supporters of Party A refuse to believe that their candidate molested multiple teenage girls, while supporters of Party B are horrified and furious that their candidate groped an adult woman. Can you guess which is which?

Sep 6 2017

The AV Club:
Read this unhelpful text description of a video of a picture of an actor that is on a different site.