I’ve already beaten this game twice and I’m debating a 3rd playthrough. I’m 41 and this draw to replay a FF game hasn’t been like this since FF7 when it initially released. Does the added content of the Royal Edition come in a patch to the original game or does it require a whole new purchase? Read more

Shit man, this applies to SO much in general. Better articulated than I would ever have hope of doing so. Read more

Did Oscar do something to earn your ire today? I didn’t get the impression he said anything unexpected as an actor. Read more

I love this story. Thank you for sharing it. Read more

I’ve had mad respect for Adi Shankar ever since Dredd. He is a fascinating person to listen to.  Read more

Well said. I couldn’t quite articulate my general blaise attitude about the cancelation, but this article hit on it far better than I ever would have been able to do. The show kept showing so much damn potential and then slipping up in the ways you listed above. There was enough there for me to keep coming back, but Read more

I ask myself that every morning. Read more

Psychoanalysis, Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, ACT methods, etc. Then there are the questions about clinical focus; LCSW, CMHC, PsyD, PhD, MFT, etc. But when you are dealing with legalese, a company can’t leave this open to interpretation as to what the intend versus Read more

Having podcasting for 5+ years prior to quitting about a year and a half ago, I can confirm that you have to create a “character” for any endeavour such as this. You do this not just for the audience, but to protect your own mental health/privacy. Tearing down those professional boundaries can lead to loads of pain. Read more

Regardless of if they follow licensing standards and practices for their therapists, there are a number of issues that I can see for the app in general. First, malpractice insurance. Any licensed individual needs to have this and the requirements depend on the state. Also licensing does not translate across state Read more

I work in criminal defense. I get attacked for a living. Read more

Call it the limitations of a distracted brain to not clarify. Only meant it to be used as an example of labeling versus the ideology/political belief system. As to what to call groups of individuals who espouse baby jails and genocide, I go with systematic racism, fascism, or “Patriotic” Americans. Read more

I didn’t say they didn’t exist, but I have worked with LITERAL Nazi prison gang members. I am a bit more discerning about how I use the term. Read more

I work with people caught in the criminal justice system for the past 13 years. Some of the more dangerous individuals I have worked with have adopted ideals such as this without the “gameification” factor. Ultimately, when an individual is able to view the “enemy” as an object, violence against that object becomes Read more

I work as a mitigation specialist in the public defense office in the state of Utah. I know it is far and beyond NYC, but if I can be of any help, message me. I have worked with indigent and mentally ill populations for the past 13 years. Read more

Pretty much every Dragon Quest iteration. I’ve sunk a few hours over the course of a few days and just lose interest.

Monster Hunter World was a game I really enjoyed for a while but that just went to the wayside as well. Read more

Breath of the Wild was a game I felt obligated to like and it never happened. Read more

James needs some anti-depressants ASAP. Read more