Pramoda Ravi (Promo)
Jul 14

How many racing series have refueling and don’t have this problem? Endurance racers refuel about 30 times in a 24 hour race and don’t have this problem.

You can regulate against it. 

Jul 12 2019

Wait they made a diesel Equinox? This alone is news to me.

Jul 26 2017

This study makes little sense. More expensive synthetic oils are supposed to excel at long intervals of time and mileage, and possibly higher heat conditions. With a 3,000 mile oil change in my grandmother’s car I wouldn’t expect too much of a difference. Tell me about 10,000 miles, 6 months, and high engine Read more

Jan 9 2017

I voted for Trump. What do you want us to say, “grow up and stop your crying?” I didn’t think so, so as we have for the year leading up to the election we’ll probably remain silent and just laugh to ourselves at your meltdowns.

Jan 6 2017

Yet they scrapped the F-22 for this for being “over budget”.

Nov 29 2016

PSA: Don’t buy a car from a seller that uses the word “dope”, and also doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “they’re”. Also, his piss-poor taste was probably also applied to maintenance/mods. Read more

Nov 29 2016

Old Man HappyTeslaOwner is only offering a mint condition keyboard with working comma key in exchange for the Passat dope.

Dec 16 2014

Everyone and their cousin has done an LS swap it seems. We need something new for a change. It's impressive but unimpressive.