Pramoda Ravi (Promo)
Jan 16 2019

I’m not always a fan of Jalopnik, but when you roast local idiots, I need to give kudos where it applies. 

Apr 2 2018

Everyone learns differently. It’s the instructor’s job to figure out what type of learner you are and adapt to your speed. There’s a variety of different techniques I use to assist someone in getting up to speed and I can’t say I’ve ever ran into “that guy”, because from my point of view, I don’t look at someone in Read more

Jun 30 2017

This post makes me believe you’re a “track inspired” fan who enjoys the attention from people who believe you’re driving a race car. Read more

May 24 2017

Always remember kids - if you lose your brakes, it’s better to hit the wall head on instead of at an angle. It also allows the car to slow down a wee bit more. Read more

May 23 2017

Back in the day I had an old lady rear end my Genesis, so the insurance company gave me a Nissan Versa as a rental until they could decide whether the car was a total loss or not. Read more

Nov 28 2016

Let the dude market and grow his business. If he’s offering a better deal than X, Y, or Z, then you’re buying whatever you’re buying for a cheaper price, regardless of why it’s on sale. Read more

Nov 28 2016

I’d suggest looking at Suburban’s as well. Truck’s always receive terrific discounts, it’s the big SUV’s that tend to get minimal discounts. Read more

Nov 14 2016

I’d rather just eradicate stupidity and then expect people to have common sense, but then that’s also illegal so here I sit wondering why people don’t have common sense, ruining “fun” for people who do.