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Dec 21 2017
Clever Bike Jerseys

I was perusing Twin 6 jerseys when I saw this fun take on the old BRE Livery. They have had a few in their past that

Sep 13 2017

Diving to Corktown Detroit on Friday from NJ. Because I enjoy being in places that get a bad wrap.

Aug 21 2017
Needed Rant.

Since no one I know here and on the Book of Face overlap with the woman posting this picture, I need to rant and

Jun 15 2017
Third-Owner Station Cars

As seen at the train station I walk to daily. Plenty of people ogling it, meanwhile here I am finding the flaws.

Mar 16 2017
March Madness

I love this time of year. As a professional analyst for a company where everything is data, data, data, I get to