4/15/21 11:49AM

A weird niche that I gladly fit in, the extra inch and a half of clearance plus xdrive make this a secret rally weapon in the waiting, a WRX slayer without the vape clouds in 335 form, and I still get 30mpg highway with 300hp and 300ft lbs out of 3.0 liters.

That extra leg room in the back doesn’t hurt either as this Read more

4/14/21 5:40PM

The 3 series GT has better proportions and doesn’t have the weird grille that just doesn’t fit at all. 

4/08/21 10:43AM

“Now 007, pay attention. When you press the WARP button and set it to FUNKY mode, the housing rotates to point up thru the glass hatch and the AA lazer is activated. When set to CASUAL mode the lazer will fire forward and melt the head of anyone sitting in the passenger seat. Read more

12/17/20 3:47PM

All great points. In my case, I don’t do live classes and don’t engage much in the social aspects, and yet I feel a lot of motivation and a feeling of community just by having all that stuff go on in the background.

12/14/20 8:06AM

Shh, you and your facts. It’s almost like running a production line for only 3 days that probably has hours of bringup time and shutdown time is horribly inefficient. I love it when people who have never worked in a production environment (or logistics) talk out their asses about stuff they clearly don’t have any Read more

12/13/20 9:19PM

Like furlough days? That's a pretty common tactic to get some of the money off the books. It forces people to take vacation days... It sucks but it's not odd either.

12/03/20 3:32PM

Exactly. Someone asked me a couple years ago which minivan to purchase(I’m a fleet mechanic), and I said it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a Honda Odyssey. They replied that CR didn’t recommend it anymore, which surprised me so, I went to read the review myself. It had top scores in every aspect they test - engine, Read more

12/03/20 8:54AM

I had an ‘09 Tacoma that CR downgraded because they were built with a batch of bad radios, that were replaced under warranty. I didn’t view that as a major reliability problem - the truck was still very much driveable - but going from the typical 0.02 Toyota defects-per-vehicle to what, 0.52, apparently was . . . TL:DR Read more

12/02/20 4:20PM

So much this ^. I have continuously been baffled by the one seemingly arcane thing CR focuses in on. I think it is because they have been forced closer and closer to the pure content mill line, just due to the nature of what they do. Actually, they are sort of the original content mill. Now there are a million other Read more

1/17/20 9:45AM

I completely agree that those results are Not Good, but I’d also be curious to see the long-term outcome for Bujold’s take, had they had the opportunity to tailor the character to her performance. She may have been the most subdued, introspective captain we ever saw (not saying that’s necessarily a good thing, but I’d Read more

1/17/20 8:15AM

Gosh yes she seems to not even be bothering to inject any enthusiasm into her dialogue.  Now, the dialogue is your standard Treknobabble but Kate Mulgrew manages to make you believe her character cares about what she is talking about!

1/17/20 12:10AM

Thx. I had heard Bujold wasn’t a good fit, but never saw any clips of her as Janeway.

1/02/20 8:09PM

I like the TLJ but I do largely agree with you that I’m more laying the blame on Kennedy at this point since one thing that is clear (and overall I actually like this trilogy) is that there was never a cohesive vision for it.

12/25/19 4:14PM

I’m still waiting...  Anya Amasova, Agent XXX, is still my favorite “different” Bond Girl.

12/25/19 1:19PM

IIRC the women saved Bond’s hash repeatedly in the Connery movies; it was only during the Moore years that they became helpless flibbertigibbets.