Wednesday 10:55AM

Very likely homelessness. He was asleep in his truck at 3:45 AM when he if it happened, and one witness was asleep in her van and was awoken by the gunshots. People living in their cars tend to gather where they can park overnight without being hassled. It’s sadly a pretty big problem in Washington state.

4/19/21 9:20PM

In Boston, people have been seeing Ho Chi Minh’s profile for years in the artwork on the side of a gas tank.

4/14/21 11:22PM

The 3GT is a far better execution of the body style than the 5GT. It’s not a total win, but from some angles it actually looks good. Being based on the Chinese market long 3-series chassis, it actually has more rear leg room than the 5-series, and the cargo deck is actually longer than the 3-series Sportwagon. On Read more

4/08/21 11:11AM

When you read through that, you have to pronounce “lazer” in Bond’s line as “laysher”

3/18/21 3:13PM

Nope, in the Syfy version it will be discovered that those are actually wings and it flies. 

2/23/21 8:16PM

Looked at the pic, assumed it was a Torch article. 

2/17/21 2:31PM

The G1 was my first digital camera too, and what an amazing thing it was. I thought it would complement my firm SLR but it ended up being the only camera I used because of the flexibility and creativity it allowed. I outfitted it with a filter holder and took the above pic with a polarizer (took a while to completely

12/17/20 11:59PM

Oh no! Just last week I was surfing the channels and ended up watching about an hour of Octopussy where he played one of the lower-ranking MI6 agents. I had been thinking about him vs. the new portrayal in The Mandalorian. Read more

12/17/20 3:29PM

As the least cult-like person on the planet (I really don’t like large groups), let me present another angle on this… The Peloton is the ultimate exercise tool for the lone wolf.

- The built quality of the bike is outstanding. It’s extremely heavy and designed like gym-level equipment rather than home equipment. The Read more

12/13/20 10:49PM

Seriously, are we now blaming end of year furloughs on Elon Musk? Manufacturing companies have been doing this forever. The guy can be a douche for sure but this stuff is not that uncommon. 

12/04/20 1:53PM

Bingo. This is what I mean. They are independent for sure but that doesn’t mean they are always good, and their biases towards certain categories is baffling. 

12/02/20 3:00PM

I am completely baffled why people continue to put so much faith in CR ratings. For all of their proclaimed independence, they always seem to be following some agenda of their own when doling out scores. They seem to pick some arbitrary criteria as the most important factor in a rating, whether it be cars or toasters Read more

11/12/20 3:07PM

As offensive as all things Hitler usually are, all I can think of is that this looks like something from a Mel Brooks movie

10/08/20 12:44PM

A solid ranking, though I do have a soft spot for Star Wars Style C

9/02/20 6:36PM

Such bullshit. I remember when Massachusetts was trying to allow beer and wine sales in all grocery stores (as opposed to only 3 per chain) - you know, like almost every other state - and the liquor lobby funded a bunch of police chiefs to do these horrible ads talking about all the under-age drinking problems that Read more

8/28/20 11:28PM

I’m absolutely gutted by this. He brought so much warmth and gravitas to the Black Panther character. I liked forward to seeing him in that role and others. Read more

7/18/20 12:30PM

They stole my design. I drew that exact car on the inside of my Trapper Keeper in middle school.