6:10 PM

Yeah, fuck right off with this whole “humanities are for the rich” idea. The humanities are useful in a lot of fields because in an information culture the ability to read and write and understand shit is useful.

1:24 PM

Pray, tell us what our educated workforce needs? Not only is your statement elitist (but I am sure that you know that) but it shows a very short-term utilitarian approach to education. Read more

1:06 PM

There is inherent value in studying the humanities—learning how to write well, formulate arguments, understand different viewpoints is going to be helpful in any job and STEM curriculum often doesn’t teach this. Not everyone is cut out for a STEM or business degree either. Multiple tech executives have stated that Read more

6:34 AM

I have two degrees in the humanities which helped me transition to tech. I crushed my colleagues in terms of performance because of how my humanities degree had trained me. I broke out on my own and now make six figures and have a lucrative business. I’m on track for seven figures in a few years. The reality is that Read more

6:24 AM

Wtf? I have an English degree and worked in a law office then went into other work I never could’ve imagined. You’re an asshole.

2:41 AM

That’s not really true, IMHO. I know “critical thinking skills” and “independent research” are cliche for describing the benefits of Humanities degrees. However, I’m out of academia and in the run-of-the-mill corporate world, and I see how those cliches are real in both my work and in various co-workers’ work.

1:28 AM

No. The uselessness of a humanities degree is a widely believed myth. Outside of the fact that the skills of those majors are prized, I would have KILLED for some more history majors in positions of power in the years running up to the economic collapse. Anyone with any understanding saw the writing on the wall for Read more

12:23 AM

This myth needs to die an ugly death. STEM adjuncts are having the same problem.

11:53 PM

And how they decided English and History were worthless. That’s how we ended up with Dump in the WH.

11:02 PM

Not to jump on you too hard, but you’re really not correct about the job prospects of humanities majors. I get that this is the punchline—the English major making coffee or the philosophy major bagging groceries. But it’s just not the case, and you owe it to your argument to be better informed. Read more

10:00 PM

This is horrifically inaccurate and not supported by any evidence. Students in humanities often find employment in many different fields because they know how to write, think, and collaborate.

5:12 PM

I can’t speak for the people you’ve interacted with, but demisexuality itself is a real phenomenon, and it’s much more distinct than simply feeling attracted to people you connect with. Please read this: http://jezebel.com/1798678809

5:07 PM

These two essays, both written by women who identify as demisexual, are both highly compelling and highly self-aware: Read more

4:30 PM

I think you misunderstood me: I’ve never really had an interest in sex. I was never a horndog, not in my youth, not with the “right partner”, not now. Read more

3:31 PM

You sound like an old angry straight dude bitching about cis/trans.

I love all the people who are like my ____ is totally real because mine was created before yours, and wahh I don’t like change, wahhh!

Like seriously, there’s some clear psychological issues here if you have such a visceral reaction to other Read more

3:01 PM

I’ve used “demisexual” or “gray-A” to describe myself, mostly because as I’ve gotten older, it seems that my attraction really does seem to work a little differently than my friends’ does. I don’t think it’s oppressed or belongs in the DSM or needs a flag or whatever, but it’s nice to be able to have a term that sums Read more

2:32 PM

The majority of the population totally experiences sexual attraction based on physical characteristics. Demisexuals are wired in such a way that a person’s physical appearance doesn’t register at all, so they have to get to know a person before those thoughts spring up. Whereas most people use physical/sexual Read more

3:07 PM

I don’t know where you were a few months ago, but there were literally many discussions from DNC leadership about whether or not the Dems should compromise on abortion rights in order to attract certain demographics that vote Rep mostly because of that issue. Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders both said that we have to Read more

3:05 PM

This isn’t about “purity.” It’s about establishing an actual ethos; a platform for the party beyond wishy-washy bullshit like “can’t we all just get along?” Read more