6/17/21 11:30PM

It seems so weird to drop in the actual winner at the French open like “See, nobody even cares that she won!” It’s like the site can’t decide if it’s the actual play that matters, not the media attention or actually the media attention is what makes the players, so nobody cares if an “uninteresting” player wins. Read more

6/17/21 9:12PM

*Well as long as it’s not quite disturbing in context such as the continued common “ship” in the Harry Potter fandom where Hermione is commonly paired with Draco, the one who called her subhuman repeatedly, in a Dom-Sub relationship which obviously takes on even more sinister undertones when Hermione is depicted as a Read more

6/17/21 9:10PM

Because friendship is a thing that exists, and it’s pretty annoying how some people can’t look at friends in fiction and go “lol they must be fucking” like some assholes?

6/17/21 9:01PM

Wimbledon has existed for 144 years. They don’t need shit from Osaka...she could literally have never existed and it would have made zero difference to Wimbledon.

6/17/21 8:55PM

They grew to be best friends. Best friends act like best friends. Fans need to stop with all the low-brow “ship” meme bullshit.

6/17/21 8:45PM

He probably could’ve phrased it better, but I agree with the underlying sentiment 100%. It’s absurd that every male friendship gets distorted into a potential gay relationship, even when there’s no evidence beyond the relationship being just a male friendship. Happens with female friendships, too (see, e.g., Read more

6/17/21 8:21PM

I can only assume that the outraged Osaka headlines are getting lots of clicks because there’s been more tennis coverage on Jezebel in the last 2 weeks than some professional tennis publications. Read more

6/17/21 7:47PM

I’m not him (that you know of), but in re: your question:

6/17/21 7:03PM

This is so provincial. How could a nearly 150-year-old tournament possibly succeed without a person who’s famous in America in it?

6/17/21 5:37PM

“the focus remains on Osaka” Not really. It remains so in the US. The rest of the world doesn’t care much: I can attest that, being a French citizen who lives in Canada and reads both European and Canadian news. The French media stopped caring the moment she dropped from Roland Garros (The French Open), and Canadians Read more

6/17/21 11:41AM

I’m fine with a Scooby-Doo show in which Velma is Asian, queer, whatever. With regards to representation of the human characters, anything goes; make all the characters trans people from the Trobriand islands—it’s all good. Read more

6/17/21 8:51AM

As someone with East Asian ancestry, I can give you one reason: it appears that a lot of people don’t know what East Asian means. Chinese and Japanese people are considered East Asian. Read more

6/14/21 11:18AM

Dipping your car looks like a really terrible idea. Why do people do it? 

6/13/21 11:46AM

I laughed my ass off when I opened the hood of a Ram and saw that little 5.7L tucked down in the engine bay like it had been scared.