7:28 PM

AA Batteries all the way.  I sit like 20 feet away from my 70 inch TV.  I’m not running a 25 foot USB cable just to play games when my battery dies.

7:17 PM

Microsoft’s method here seems like a no-brainer. Either you keep the AA batteries or you buy one of the many rechargable battery solutions that exist. I went battery only for a while and then eventually bought a play and charge kit and haven’t looked back. But it’s nice to know that if the play and charge ever breaks Read more

6:55 PM

It’s not really a job, though. Like she’s not hired by tiktok and forced to keep a strict schedule. She’s doing so because she wants to and the feedback she gets from it turns that want to a need. Read more

6:36 PM

If you’re pissed you never got a fresh set of batteries last time you were out - that’s on you. If you’re pissed you don’t have a cable +5ft. - that’s on you. If you’re too lazy to plug in your 2nd controller (or too cheap to buy one in the first place - but you’re a writer? of games so you probably have 4 or more) - Read more

6:31 PM

I’ve done the rechargable controllers with the DS3 and DS4, I’ve done the plug and play kits for the 360 and One and I’ve got to say, ever since my last plug and play kit died and I switched to an 8-pack of AmazonBasics rechargables, I wouldn’t go back to either of them. I am now firmly on team Let Us Use Our Own Read more

6:30 PM

I’ve been using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for years. Get a pack of eneloops or amazon basics and a charger and never have to worry about batteries again. I’m a little surprised the the few articles I’ve read about this since the announcement only mention battery packs and not AA rechargeables.

6:16 PM

Is Sony guaranteeing their rechargeable battery capacity will NEVER diminish over time? Is the battery easily replaceable, if at all? Will Sony to make replacement batteries? Is there the usual battery rhetoric (damage, fire, castration, etc) about 3rd party accessories (like some unknown brand like Sonee) Read more

6:11 PM

The answer and its going to SHOCK YOU... options! Which is why Microsoft is ahead on the controller front. It provides the option. I love both current generation controllers and I expect the same from the next (we’re approaching the optimal controller singularity where they’re basically the same) but the option of Read more

5:30 PM

I clicked for boobs. I watched the clips for boobs. I did not read a fucking bit of it because words are not boobs. Is this the girl who started “Ok Boomer”? If so, this is not the path I would have taken afterwards, but whatever.

5:00 PM

“Perfect Storm”—- Ohhhkk. Whatever you want to call your cleavage. Good on her for keeping up the momentum, but a spade is a spade.

I’m officially too old to “get” streamer culture. Like I get it, but I don’t “get” it. 

4:50 PM

This entire article is about people who are making their world far more complicated than necessary.

4:48 PM

I had no idea this was a thing. Maybe I’m old. She seems nice. 

4:39 PM

This is a lot of words for “Asian Girl with Boobs is internet famous.”

4:34 PM

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but it seems her rise in popularity may have been attributable to something other than ‘OK Boomer’. YMMV