2 hours ago

his brother is a phd!  he taught me thermo and fluid dynamics!

Monday 3:06PM

i hate all the angle streets that cause you to wait at 3 different lights to turn.

Monday 2:24PM

I was very excited to hear this news. I had assumed Forza Motorsport would be next so I had no idea we were getting FH5, and only a few months from now! Mexico is gonna be awesome with deserts, mountains, rainforest, cities, etc. Read more

Monday 10:13AM

lol as someone who never saw hamilton and watched this movie over the weekend i thought ‘hey this second song sounds an awful lot like eminem”

6/10/21 1:16PM

yea, it’s one thing when a rented box truck or even 18 wheeler hits this bridge...that crane truck driver is likely highly trained/certified relative to your average truck driver and the crane itself is high value/high density/capable of doing some real damage.  i wouldn’t be surprised if there are more serious Read more

6/10/21 1:12PM

this gadget website and it’s sibling sites have consistently complained about xbox controller batteries while stubbornly ignoring the incredibly simple, 8 dollar solution. but now let’s post an unnecessary $60 solution!

6/09/21 12:00PM

Glad to see this here, as I’m probably too late for the conversation on the original review. Read more

6/08/21 12:43PM

probably because the owners of these overpowered high end cars plow them into a curb every 25k miles.

6/08/21 10:11AM

is the US government supposed to take ownership of a portion of his amazon shares every time the price goes up?  do they give them back on dips?

6/01/21 12:08PM

the old guy said he knew his gun was missing but during the flashback it appears the kid brings it back the same night...or did i miss something there?

5/19/21 12:04PM

this is one of those books that should really be listened to. the dialogue for rocky was great 

5/19/21 12:01PM

This book introduces alien and otherwise unknown science to the protagonist, who makes decisions based on their knowledge and scientific assumptions that impact the narrative and create conflict. Read more

5/19/21 11:29AM

This car pops into my head multiple times a week.  Pedestrians love hiding behind my A-pillar and I thought the eye-sensing seat adjustor was cool as hell.

5/18/21 10:33AM

now that amazon has rapidly transitioned from random strangers delivering packages out of a beat up toyota corolla to liveried fleets of uniformed drivers with regular routes...how do their metrics/benefits/conditions/pay compare to that of UPS and FedEX drivers, who as I understand have historically provided decent Read more

5/18/21 10:20AM

i’ve always been curious about this.  i used to tip so the total bill would be an even number.  now i tip so the tip itself is an even number.  easier math for everyone.  except the one time it worked out so a fair tip resulted in a bill of 69.69.

5/18/21 9:57AM

An out of state driver isn’t going to have a TXtag...