Porsche was my first word

Ah yes, Southgate Industrial Park. Here’s the elite view across the street to inspire her. (FYI: that computer terminal looking thing discarded in the street is a folded-up treadmill.)

That poor gal is standing in the parking lot of a shit industrial estate at 3210 51st Avenue in Sacramento CA. I hope she got out alive, with all her organs and was able to scour off the ax body spray and vape. Someone should send a rescue party. 

Forza Vaporware pack coming Soon?

Look, Trump’s real skill in business has always been bankruptcy. Now that he’s running the world economy, what did you honestly think would happen? He even found a way to lose money running a casino.

The thing is though, with the US at (trade) war with everyone, other countries and unions aren’t at war with each other. They might even increase cooperation. Everyone will trade just like before, only the US is going to be left out. Read more

$79/month payment plus gas, plus insurance (for a college student), plus maintenance is going to dwarf those bus tickets. Read more

Anal Probe is a bit too literal, but it definitely works...

If the name “X5 xDrive40i” makes you laugh as opposed to make you fall into an immediate deep slumber, you have bigger problems than following instructions correctly :)

Isn’t that... most car names? Anal Challenger, Anal Explorer, Anal Charger, Anal Ram, Anal Interceptor, Anal Hummer, Anal Sprite Read more

Anal Wrangler... hilarious!

Any name that makes you laugh in the “Put the word ANAL in front of a car model name” game Read more

Just give us a gotdamn Unlimited Class racing series already.

Noise limits keep tracks open.

Perhaps you meant, Escaladed.

Once again validating my choice in Keis as the superior one: