Anthopoulos Anonymous
Nov 2 2017

Fox News has already deemed this “The War on Crustmas”

Feb 11 2014

Actually the rumors are linked. When Weeden learned they were bringing in a younger QB in Manning to the organization, he knew it was time for him to leave.

Jan 21 2014

So you're actually very close here. But there is a syllogistic turn that you've placed right into form, but passed over. "Thug" is used as a blanket for hip hop, which, largely, the dumb people we're talking about here don't understand. It's also but not unrelatedly used in the more classic sense. There is a specific Read more

Dec 12 2013

It would have been 64 but he rimmed out a five footer.

Apr 12 2013

Wait until the umpire finds out the players were COMMUNICATING TO EACH OTHER USING SECRET HAND SIGNALS!!!!!