12/21/18 1:04PM

I don’t think that defense accomplishes what you wanted it to.

12/21/18 12:24PM

This is some fucked up logic. The money comes from the FUTURE public so the PRESENT public isn’t paying for it. Read more

12/19/18 10:26AM

Also, Carrie Underwood can GTFO with that “women build up other women” shit. That’s the kind of bullshit Kellyanne Conaway tries to pull when people (rightfully) call her out for her terrible positions. Read more

12/18/18 3:15PM

I’m so utterly dumbfounded by this, I can’t craft even a bad joke response. This man is at least partially responsible for crafting a plan that is going to economically hurt REAL FUCKING PEOPLE for DECADES, all in the interest of lining the fucking pockets of a few more millionaires and billionaires. Then when the Read more

11/25/18 9:48PM

Counterargument: being a sports team owner is the closest thing you can come these days to buying and selling black people.

11/25/18 11:45AM

Well it is one of the most backward states in the union. Why is that there seems to be a correlation between how backward a state is and how conservative it is? Heck, it’s almost like there could be causation.

11/25/18 11:31AM

What’s the most insane thing about all this is, despite all of this shit, said racist shitbag will still win because Mississippi.

11/16/18 5:32PM

The head bandanna is there to let everyone know he’s keeping it real, and the biking glasses indoors says he can never be blinded.

11/13/18 2:54PM

So, as an experienced parent, what are the best children’s’ activities to re-live as an adult, that take you right back to being a kid again?
Read more

11/07/18 9:59PM

It’s a shame print media is dead. This headline would make it so much easier to complete the ransom note for when I kidnap Larry Bird.

10/23/18 12:52PM

Ageist? Maybe, though an understandable mistake based on your childish blog posts. Sexist? That’s you projecting. Journalist? Not even close.

10/23/18 12:52PM

Acting like a child isn’t a gendered quality. Nice try, child.

10/23/18 12:51PM

Playing the sexism card toward a comment about your naivete only drives home the point that you’re a naive child.