Goodness gracious! He stands up to climate change deniers with acuteness and gracefulness and spunk. I’d let a bunny rabbit who could do that represent my March! Read more

I had hoped not to be up at quarter of two, but the thing with the guy testifying about the obvious mirroring of Russian spy ops with Trump’s campaign taking advantage of said spy ops has left me too agitated to sleep! Read more

Hey, I’ll take my entertainment anywhere I can get it these days! Read more

It’s actually an old SNL sketch with Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and a bunch of other guys as poorly-organized ninjas. But I’ll take Pratchett over SNL any day of the week! Read more

Well, you are a better man than I, Gunga Din. Read more

Oh, just making a tongue-in-cheek reference to the friendly fire operation that helped Hitler consolidate his power in the late 1930's. I don’t know what Bannon has planned, and i’m usually not one for conspiracy theories, but certainly some kind of ginned-up terrorist attack could help the Trumpsters delay the Read more

They have a certain amount of compartmentalization going on. Also Obama/Hillary Derangement Syndrome. Read more

Absolutely. But this would have the salubrious effect of piquing people’s interest. And they could just impanel a Grand Jury and compel him to show up. Bt my money is on the Flynn thing as being a red herring, to distract from the first week of the hearings, and to confuse people out of demanding a special Read more

I’m betting Manafort next. He’s always been for sale to the highest bidder. Read more

It’s not totally clear that he is 100% rational, though. I mean, who knows? Less crazy than Trump or Bannon, but what does that really say? Read more

I’ve got to post my New Year’s card from earlier this year. I really, really do. Read more

This guy was en fuego! I actually thought that his stuff about Trump’s campaigns’ ... um... synergy with the Russian spy work was the most damning thing that came out today. It will make your blood run cold thinking about how insidious it is. run Read more

I’m already ducking and covering for this. Read more

Yeah, except that Ryan as president gives me the willies. He’s almost as bad as Governor Gilead, but has more personal magnetism, and is younger. I just pray that he is implicated. Read more