Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2
Sep 19

This is no less stupid than all the grown ass adults in my neighborhood that own $20k golf carts to just drive to the pool and the mailboxes. It’s crazy to think these people lived through the last recession. 

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Sep 19

Clearly there’s too many rich people with too much money to spend on too many stupid toys like this.

Jun 20 2019

Look at how far we have come: I am leaning toward believing Iran on this one. The US has lost all credibility with the rest of the world. John Bolton wants a war with Iran so bad, he dreams about it every night. And Fuckface von Clownstick (Thanks JS) knows his pole numbers are grim, and a war might just be the thing Read more

Jun 20 2019

I’m still waiting for anyone to explain why the US is “investigating” or really doing anything in relation to the tanker attacks, as they were both non-US ships attacked by non-US assailants in a non-US territory.

Jun 16 2019

Toyota's actually been doing this for quite a while now.

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Jun 13 2019

The only modifications I would do is take the concave off the hump...instead color the entire hump on the new one in that color(blue) and run the curve down the back side of the hump and down to the mid-stripe at the aft of the plane....and then take off the boomerang on the vertical stabilizer, so its just a white Read more

Jun 4 2019

You wanna know what the best thing about tweels will actually be?

Jun 1 2019

Really weird to overlook how the Germans really went whole hog on the concept...even though it didn’t win the wars for them obviously.

Jun 1 2019

Can you really call 14" guns superguns when the Germans had 31.5" guns?