Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2
Jun 19 2019

After working a few months out of college I realized I probably shouldn’t be commuting into DC in the summer in a 2002. It just plain sucked. I bought a $4500 car and I paid it off in 5 months utilizing a personal bank loan. Read more

May 22 2018

Just did 1200 miles in my 71 with no issues. Probably brakes better than the 3 too. Just don’t ask about wind noise.

Mar 27 2018

I don’t know how, but I’m 23, have no tickets, and have cheap insurance.

I insure 3 cars: a 98 M3, 02 330i, and a 71 2002 (valued at $25k) Read more

Mar 21 2018

I want high compression and high duration/lift, but I also run a motor with a chain. Problem solved.

Mar 5 2018

Interesting, how should the seating be, and what are the differences between day vs long haul?

Feb 22 2018

Rob, here’s a decent NP or CP. This is a legit ad for a $76k e46 wagon. I followed the restoration for the past year. Now the seller is on crack.

Read more

Feb 22 2018

I don’t think this company could be more blind to the commercial truck market. The lights most trucks have have been used for decades and cost a few $ to fix/maintain/replace. Now, lets fuck that up. You’re spot on, this thing won’t make it to production. They haven’t mentioned price or weight, which are the most Read more

Dec 20 2017

Ed’s VinWiki videos are great. This one was a little different in format, but still excellent.

This one is probably my favorite