Polly Sorbate and the Spiders from Mars
Jan 29

Individual therapy, definitely. Yes. Family therapy? I’m not so sure that’s a good idea in cases of parental abuse. Read more

Nov 25

I don’t remember if Merlin was my first electronic toy, but I do remember it as being a favorite.

Aug 20

Jane Curtin’s daughter saying one of the hot air balloons was named “The Fuckin’ Whatever” and then you see a model balloon with that printed on it. Killed me. Read more

Aug 17

We all lie in the bed we make, but sometimes that bed is a road. And so instead we end up walking where we sleep. But if we don’t like where we are going, its time to have a different dream. For Ellen, its time for her to wake up, into a new dream, where she can lie down, and walk her own path.

Aug 10

My brother and I went hiking in the Smoky Mountains last summer, and after having dinner at a bbq restaurant in Gatlinburg and boxing our leftovers, we went to a bar to have a nightcap before returning to our AirBnB. The woman bartending was telling us about all the black bears in the area, and how we shouldn’t ever Read more

Aug 6

Giant breakfast sausage included !
(I know he hates big dick jokes, but I couldn’t resist ^^)

Aug 5

Back when I was getting unemployment in 2009/2010, the GOP would bitch and moan every time there was a push to extend benefits, saying that it kept people from looking for work. And every time I heard one of those motherfuckers make that dumb argument I was like “These are the words of someone who has NEVER had to Read more

Aug 3

Lord & Taylor really died 25 years ago; existing in name only as an specialty outlet peddling the wares of its various mass market conglomerate owners; its glory days long gone. If we could have any of the grand old posh department stores back, give me Bonwit Teller - truly the best!

Aug 3

Are you trolling or do you really believe that? 

Jul 30

Um no. It’s been well documented that women have a tougher time getting approval in business from men who subconsciously or even outwardly believe women are inferior. This is literally the basis of the wage gap and hiring inequality.