Polly Sorbate and the Spiders from Mars
Jan 29

yes they probably do, but this is about being able to control the existing phone number. If you can’t get the number released from another account, which presently requires all account owner’s permission, then the account owner(s) can do whatever they want with it - including activating it on their own phone. Read more

Aug 10

Stayed in the Smokies last summer at a remote cabin. In the first half of an hour after arriving, while we were still unloading and hauling back and forth, a bear lumbered up the mountain to take control of the empty cooler to be dumped out next (it was a long road trip). All the cooler had in it was melted ice and a Read more

Jul 28

I looked up her license in Texas. She’s registered to some store front clinic. Her current/2019 license says “number of years practicing in Texas: 0". “Hospitals Affiliated with: 0". She registers as primarily practice as pediatrician and e/r as secondary. The license confirms she went to Med School in Nigeria. Read more

Jul 8

I’m surprised no one is talking about how obviously staged this was by these two. They wanted to get “caught”. They weren’t looking to get rid of the mural, they were looking for viral fame. They aren’t dressed for painting and instead wear their crisp MAGA. He’s filming, and a wide view, while they’re both baiting. Read more

May 12

Thank you. I knew someone here already pointed out that Texas Karen / Shelley Luther is one of those shady salon owners that doesn’t actually have employees but instead the stylists are contractors having to rent-a-chair from Luther to earn a living.