Polly Jenna Stone
9:32 AM

In January 2005, my husband and I were at Pebble Beach watching a pro-am, and it was lousy with celebrities, which I cared about 0%. Around the fourth hole, I had to take a step back off the path and onto the grass to allow a golf cart to pass. I almost bumped into some man, but I didn’t pay much attention besides Read more

3:25 PM

This, this, this.  That car was RIGHT up against the side of that building, and she was trapped in the car, and everyone thinks she was being forced to perform sex acts against her will/fearing for her life.  I think that’s totally valid.

9:01 PM

Umm it’s an inside joke and the people who are on the inside *definitely* know what it means. Covfefe.

5:50 PM

Thank you for writing the piece. I’ve been fine for a long time, and I’m very much not feeling fine lately, and the inundation from the media is absolutely a contributing factor. This was very validating and helped me call off the negative self-talk voice a bit today.

6:34 AM

Part of it is about having agency. “Victim” is kind of defining: you are this thing that happened to you. Survivor takes it further. This thing happened to you, but you have done xyz and pushed through. More defines you than the thing that happened. You will see plenty of survivors who say that they have gone from Read more

11:44 AM

Seriously, I just mutter on about “motherfucking stock” any time I see or hear “bone broth.” Fucking hell.

12:22 PM

I’ve seen him at the beach before, and he used to shop at the store I worked at in high school. He’s such a tiny man!

4:42 PM

I love batshit Yelp reviews for nonsense like “There wasn’t enough sunshine during the drive to this restaurant. One star.” I live for that disjointed shit.

12:46 PM

If you find yourself near one of the shops, you should go and try all the ice cream. The seasonal flavors are often not sold in local stores and they’re well worth a try!

4:22 PM

This was my reaction as well. But then I realized that I guess it doesn’t matter whether this is our propaganda or not, he’ll do what he wants with or without support. I’m far more afraid of 45 than Kim Jong Un at this moment.