1/07/19 10:53AM

lol@anyone telling a woman to “stay classy” for using the word “motherfucker” after pretty much everything related to the current GOP figurehead. 

1/07/19 10:38AM

Rhodes moved CBS to the right, bringing in Major Garrett, Frank Luntz and John Dickenson (the only high profile left-leaning anchor he poached from NBC is Alex Wagner). Zirinsky is a hard news journalist going back to Watergate who will likely shift CBS from “both sidesism” (even when one is just lying) to real-time Read more

1/07/19 10:26AM

As someone who deals with an actual, literal food allergy (Tree nuts put me into anaphylaxis pretty fucking quickly), I appreciate an article illustrating the difference. There’s a wide gulf between “quite debilitating” and “will literally fucking kill people.” Read more

1/07/19 8:37AM

At this point, the only character I’m invested in is Brienne.  

1/07/19 2:09AM

My favorite characters are Arya and the Hound. Cersei is a bad person and should die by Jamie’s hands, but I’ll be disappointed if the show ends all hunky-dory with John and Dragon Queen saving the era.

1/07/19 12:39AM

I dont know why people are mad at Chance. He said the truth. People hate Black women and devalue everything from our voices to our lives. That is my experience as a Black woman. We expect it from non-Black people, but even Black men see us as worthless, and that is what hurts the most. 

1/06/19 10:57PM

She may as well have just said “So, what, you’re gonna go vote Republican in 2020 now?”

1/06/19 10:00PM

His apology is beautiful and honest, and you know what? I'm willing to forgive, support, or 'uncancel' most people who would come out and express regret for past work with or support of abusive, crappy people. Especially if they have to deal with forms of oppression like racism, misogyny, both, etc. Themselves, are Read more

1/06/19 8:49PM

That’s part of the joke! ‘What are you gonna do about it? Vote for Trump and the rest of the Republicans?’ Read more

1/06/19 7:46PM

It’s always a little heartening to see Fox openly question Trump’s bullshit and provide actual facts instead of gaslighting. Like when Shep Smith flat out said the migrant caravan was months away and all the posturing by the president was for midterms. It’s rare, but even a broken clock can be right.

Good news for Read more

1/06/19 5:40PM

Why should we be surprised by her response? She is the democratic party establishment and they’ve never showed true respect for black folks - they’ve never taken our interests seriously. The joke continues to be on us. And then there’s the republican party...those MF’ers!!

1/06/19 4:08PM

She meant what she said, which that she “supports the recognition”. Meaning that she supports the idea that Black Lives Matter is a thing that exists. Then she told us that she doesn’t fuck with Black Lives Matter. Nothing else to see here lol. Read more

1/04/19 5:01PM

Hello, all. Just wanted to leave this here since its just barely over a decade since Mr Gaetz’s DUI arrest.  He's my House rep and no one under 40 voted for him this past round of voting because he's a transparent NRA shill. Read more