1/07/19 10:25AM

They need someone to do their stupid promos. Because the people in charge still think it’s the 70s and without stupid promos someone might forget to get up, walk across the room, turn the dial, adjust the antenna, turn back, walk back across the room, sit down and watch the broadcast.

1/07/19 8:13AM

And his promise of a donation to the charity of her choice if she could prove her family stories were true.

1/07/19 5:59AM

Is this a serious question? The history of black men being falsely accused by white women is long and well established in this country. Read more

1/07/19 5:46AM

I’m so glad Lord and Miller are seeing some love after that whole Solo shitshow. 

1/05/19 4:57PM

I love that Sesame Street is still a thing after almost 50 years. I’m always a little proud of its ability to stay relevant through all the cultural and technological upheavals.

1/05/19 8:49AM

That would have been a far better thesis for the HuffPost article than “Natives don’t care...we talked to some!” Read more