Poet Desmond
Oct 16

Season 2 was great, but that was mostly due to Anson Moore (am beyond excited for Strange New Worlds)

May 8

Also, the music (some of it by Brian Eno!). You can totally sing along with the opening theme by chanting the movie’s title. You can’t do this with a whole lot of movies.

Apr 27

which means no, you can’t download it for free”  challenge accepted 

Nov 18 2019

No need to tarnish the day that James Brown passed... that’s a sad enough memory. 

Sep 18 2019

I would like to call them a delicacy, but they’re fairly mundane in construction. Roll up thin bread around a cheesy onion mix, toast and butter. But they are peculiar to the region I grew up, southern New Zealand, and I miss them a lot since moving away.

May 10 2019

I mean, in fairness to the British, we did a pretty extensive job of colonizing this one.

May 8 2019

Oh, I can do better than that! You know how *spoilers* Cap goes back in time and marries Peggy Carter? Joe Russo recently admitted that if he could rewrite it, he would have ended up with Hermione. Read more

May 7 2019

And I’ll be old as shit... If I’m even still alive, I’ll be 40 years old.”