Jan 5

Will 2021 be the year we all finally acknowledge that social media is a branding exercise and literally nothing else? And we can finally treat everything stated in that space as an advertisement for whatever is being stated and the person stating it? Read more

Jan 5

There were only a handful of tweets that I saw and they were buried in replies to other people and several years old, so I don’t see any reason to think the people who worked with him would have known. I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally search people’s Twitter timeline for slurs they may have used years ago.

Dec 21

“Hardspace” seems like a third-tier porn site in the MySpace era.

Dec 20

“Shipbreaker” would have been just fine. Are they intending “Hardspace” to be a series or something?

Dec 8

Well this is a new take. Apparently, theatres didn’t want to be open for business, and would’ve happily shut down (presumably many permanently) if not for that pesky Christopher Nolan giving them a product they might be able to sell. They weren’t at all annoyed when Trolls and Mulan and the like went straight to Read more

Dec 2

I would say you missed me saying almost anything positive about the movie except that a few of the performers are likable and some of the colors are bright! ;)

Nov 24

If we’re going to pretend that it’s just business, and he willingly signed a legal contract, etc. then it should be equally fair, from a business perspective, to point out that Chappelle would be a fool not to use the impressive levers he has at his disposal to facilitate a better deal for himself, however Read more

Nov 24

I mean he acknowledges in the monologue that yeah they have the right to do so, but that it’s also not quite right that they do so. He even said he appreciates Netflix because they went above and beyond by fulfilling his request, even though they could have told him to fuck off. Read more

Nov 6

I have read Spider-Man comics my whole life and I loved the game overall but still thought it was gross and out of character that he literally helps restore a high tech surveillance state for the police to spy on the entire city. There are also some weird dialogue choices, like when you are beating the shit out of Read more

Nov 4

Bernie is a current Senator, and extremely well-liked politician. Hillary is neither of those things

Nov 4

Let’s face it, folks. The Democratic Party establishment sucks at picking candidates: Kerry, Gore, Hillary, Biden - loser after loser. We lucked out in 2008 because the party machine was no match for Obama’s charisma. The party leadership must face the music this time around - blaming Russia and Bernie Bros is not Read more

Oct 23

I still can’t believe how bad the title is. I don’t have any issue with most of the supposedly bad videogame titles that are around. Someone else mentioned Bravely Default and I have absolutely no problem with that. I actually really enjoy when Japanese media picks two words seemingly arbitrarily and puts them Read more

Oct 22

which he said was his opinion because of wage growth and low unemployment.”

— This is untrue in context. Unemployment is the highest it’s been in 6-7 years. It’s an “opinion” in the sense that “I think leprechauns cause gravity” is an opinion. At the most basic level, it’s not provably false, but it’s still the kind Read more

Oct 22

In a world of truly terrible video game titles, one game aspires to stand above the rest!

Oct 22

Journalists are SUPPOSED to have an adversarial relationship with the government. It’s literally why you dummies have a fucking first amendment. You want stenographers? Hire fucking stenographers.