Patrick Nichols
Sep 8

The RunaBrownd. We’ve seen it. We’ve covered it.”

Jul 11 2019

Just think of how awesome life has been for straight women EVER SINCE straight marriage was legalized.

Jul 10 2019

I moved to New Hampshire last year and I think it’s great. I’m an hour from the beach, an hour from Boston, an hour from great skiing, hiking and camping in the mountains and lakes. I’m just outside of Manchester, which has a pretty cool shopping/dining/entertainment district. Read more

Mar 27 2019

If I were the artist and he wanted his own name, it’d be very hard for me to not tattoo “Bonzo Lol”.

Mar 26 2019

Right. He was just relying on that unwritten agreement worth potentially millions of dollars given where RG3 was in 2012. Never bothered getting it in writing.

Could be I am way off base, but unless he brings forth something pretty damn compelling he wouldn’t want me on his jury. And I would say that before finding out Read more

Mar 15 2019

Goddamn, man. This being Deadspin, I want to make a joke...but I just can’t; nothing about child abuse is humerus.

Mar 4 2019

As a huge hocky fan, I’ll try to describe this in a way that makes sense because I know a lot of people don’t follow the sport closely: Read more

Feb 25 2019

“Right now, if you were to have a 5G phone attached to a 5G network functioning at peak speeds, what would that actually give you? You could probably download a ton of movies and music real quick,” Read more

Feb 8 2019

I appreciate you’re not being combative, but to hear that one can “disagree” with a sexual orientation is baffling to me. Might as well disagree with someone’s height, or their earlobe attachment.

Feb 7 2019

it gets even worse at higher speeds. Most people drive faster than 65 on the highway and the disparities get greater between the 2

Feb 4 2019

The last thing LaVar Ball needs is to be around more Suns that don’t play basketball well.

Feb 4 2019

ESPN figured it out when they saw the leaks came from “”

Jan 27 2019

The timeout must have worked, as the Spurs went on a 132-117 run after stopping the Wizards’ momentum.