Patrick Nichols
11:53 PM

A good looking GTR/Supra competitor, or a faster 4C (priced a bit higher), or an M5 competitor for when the kids finally move out of the house maybe?

12:37 AM

With how horrendous relief pitching is getting on the majority of teams, shorten the game to 7 innings and both parties win.

12:29 AM

Another B’s fan here, I think it is disingenuous to call the principle point of contact the head when you can clearly see the bicep/tucked elbow hit the sternum area of Anderson around the same time or earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised or dissappointed if McAvoy gets a game, but I think ideally it should have been a Read more

2:30 AM

I mean potentially alienating your franchise defenseman (who happens to be black) with some “respect the flag” bullshit doesn’t seem like the greatest move personally or professionally so I’d argue with you over the last point. Otherwise spot on. I feel like there is a real rise in the idea of being a players’ coach Read more

11:32 AM

Looks like one player gets hit in the head with something around 2:12 of that video and I don’t see Marcus smart on the floor so I’m not inclined to look for the flop.

12:00 PM

Must be why Browner was only charged with attempted murder. If it wasn’t for Jack Easterby, he may have finished the job.

6:13 PM

He was a D1 soccer player in the 80s (at UNH but still) so I would take his opinions more seriously on soccer than hockey, but when he sticks to the play by play he’s generally okay. I was too young to remember it, but from 30 for 30 clips he seems like he was an okay sports center host. The plus side for those in the Read more

1:05 PM

For the 30 games a year he’s truly healthy sure, you might have an argument. Rask’s career numbers are hard to argue with though.

9:44 AM

Guy Boucher has committed far greater atrocities to the NHL over the last decade, but Carlyle is on a still very shitty second tier.

11:03 AM

Cole could defend himself while keeping his gloves on and just trying to wrap up. If he still got pummeled, Wilson would likely get a major and a DQ (they’d likely call it major roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct). If Wilson only gets a punch or two in then the take-down, it would likely only be a minor or a major. Read more

11:34 AM

I don’t expect a lot out of my carplay system (Pioneer AppRadio 4), but it is nice to route the wire somewhere you can put your phone away while driving. I generally dislike the windshield, dash, or vent phone mounts and I don’t want a phablet, so having a 7" display is nice. If you need it for more than music, Read more

12:18 PM

If the rams had kupp I probably would have favored them, but I also expected a few more big plays out of Talib and Peters. And I thought it was a 50/50 chance against the chiefs (even favoring the chiefs if Hunt was on the team still). The missing pieces and the pats defense being mostly healthy (aside from Chung last Read more

1:29 PM

Those are all pretty simple to hide, the DNA results on the other hand will only become easier to expose you as the databases grow.

1:21 PM

I think that you can make the argument that sports career generations are slightly shorter, allowing for 2-3 generations to exist at one time in the league. Mapping it to the rest of us plebes, our workforce currently has 3-4 generations in it. I think most sports can be separated into the 18-25, 26-35, 36+ groups Read more

6:56 PM

For what its worth, I replaced my 2011 mbp with a first gen surface book (that I love) and it seems to tick all your boxes except the matte screen. Sure it has a touchscreen and no thunderbolt input, but the power connecter can be used as a peripheral dock if you get the extra accessory. The only other downside is the Read more