Patrick Nichols
Jan 25 2019

Just finished up some computer upgrades and thought I’d share to see what everyone else is working/gaming on. First

Nov 4 2018

But at least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Went to start the laundry this morning and found the basement

Sep 24 2018

So my 2011 MacBook Pro finally shit the bed yesterday. Looks like a motherboard failure. Don’t have the funds or the

May 8 2018

So I bartered my way into a coworkers 16 ft aluminum bass boat in exchange for some help painting their deck. Got it

Apr 30 2018

Anybody else having issues with Kinja sites becoming unresponsive after multiple tabs have been opened from links on

Nov 22 2017
G8 beats the light...

Happened today in Manchester, nh. Looks like someone didn’t know there car was rwd, didn’t realize how wet the road

Jul 17 2017
$100k for Evo's?!?

Friend of mine works at one of the major auto trader competitors and sends me outrageous shit every so often. But

Apr 2 2017
Insider (Car) Trading

So there tends to be a lot of discussion around here (and presumably elsewhere) about future classics, missed

Mar 2 2017

looks like someone went full need for speed on this poor Miata. Found while searching for a new scooter.

Feb 1 2017
No Saab Stories?

I suppose this is mostly because your average Saab owner has 3-5 parts cars in his yard and his mechanic is nice