Pliny The Welder
Feb 20 2018

This is usually the kind of news that gets followed up two years later with: “Former devs run away screaming from corporate management job to leave gamesindustry forever.”

Feb 16 2018

Like a lot of people say, Valve should put games they feel are adult themed, into an adult section. Anyone that can circumvent that, is probably old enough to find porn that won’t be Valves responsibility.
The author asked what makes this game different from other sexual themed games? It’s simple, even when nudity is Read more

Feb 16 2018

Wow, well done, really really well thought out and communicated. To be honest I didn’t read the article but did watch the video, and I couldn’t agree more with you. I could probably ramble on about my own thoughts, but honestly they would just be right in line with yours.

Feb 16 2018

I think it’s good to explore these concepts the way you have in the video/article, but as a fellow parent and someone who grew up in a period when violence in games garnered far more controversy than sex in games is now, I will never agree with using the two subjects for comparison in a debate on censorship. Read more

Jan 8 2018

Every time I get really high I’m like “someone drugged me!” Which is true, because I am someone.

Dec 24 2017

“Sir! The internet is melting down over Destiny 2 microtransaction shenanigans.”
“Quick! Be charming before they turn on us, too!”

Nov 22 2017

“This system is not designed for your fun. It’s designed to be less fun so that you pay more in the hope that the game becomes fun.” Read more

Nov 21 2017

When the first Battlefront 2 (really, fuck this trend of just starting again when it comes to numbering) has more features and better progression then a game that comes out ten years later you really have to wonder how EA shit the bed this hard. Read more

Nov 13 2017

If trump/sessions said that last bit on fox news, half of their viewers would simultaneously orgasm and it would be screamed by every right wing nut job until there were no more public defenders.

Mar 3 2016

Is this comment literally ‘Boyega doesn’t look as heroic as other black men’?

Mar 3 2016

Well the solution would be to put out not-terrible campaigns, surely?