Platypus Man
Today 11:53AM

Based on early screen grabs it looks like the main menu simulates a PC desktop that lets you access the main story, the new side stories, the music tracks and a ‘files’ option. So presumably it just simulates the idea of deleting files, slightly less novel than the PC versions where you actually deleted files, but Read more

Today 11:46AM

I could see it being a new menu option that appears only after completing the story once. It doesn't need to actually involve deleting files, it just needs to look like it does. 

Yesterday 10:16AM

I always had trouble imagining the diamond frame and the seed pod wheels, but after looking at fan art I realized my problem was 1) not realizing the “diamond frame” was horizontal, and 2) not realizing the seed wheels could be compressed to be more “wheel” shaped; I was imagining them as spherical seeds.

Tuesday 5:16PM

Thanks for confirming the percentage thing!

I need to bust out my DS to play Advance 2 with all this talk about it. 

Tuesday 10:54AM

For all the bullshit reasons cops pull people over, I wish they’d stop more folks with dangerous loads like this. I’ve seen old pickup trucks around here loaded with, and I’m not joking, about 20 full-size wooden pallets. Rear end of the trucks nearly dragging the ground with the damn things stacked 10 high and two Read more

Tuesday 7:24AM

This is the sensible take. These are stories. They’re fantasy, not reality. Everyone can have their own relationship with those stories, as they experience them. It’s weird that so many people in the comments are finger wagging about how wrong it is to have your own interpretations. 

Tuesday 5:52AM

This is a cool response from a nice man but it’s pretty explicit in the films that Luke is not gay. He’s in love with his sister! Read more

Tuesday 2:39AM

I hadn't seen this before, but Mark Hamill really is a treasure on every level. 

Friday 7:24PM

I’ve travelled in countries where tipping is NOT the norm, and -surprise! - service doesn’t decline where you’re not holding a tip over someone’s head.

Servers don’t hover over you like they do here, but I’ve never had a problem getting properly waited on in, say, France or New Zealand.

6/18/21 11:59AM

The one time I have had to deal with a funeral director or whatever the woman’s title was, she never used the word cremains. So it’s probably another example of unofficial portmanteau joining the official lexicon.

6/18/21 11:30AM

“We’re celebrating black freedom by trying to free YOU from a big down payment! Get yourself into a 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse for no money down!”

6/17/21 3:43PM

Difficulty options do nothing except expand the potential number of people who will play the game. I don’t give a fuck if I’m cHeAtInG mYsElF out of some arbitrary experience. I just want to get through the game without wasting a lot of my precious time. And it’s the developer’s right to not include difficulty options Read more

6/17/21 1:58PM

Man, oh, man, I dearly wish we would just pay people what they’re worth and not have to do mathematical or social calculus to order a drink.

6/17/21 1:16PM

#1 for me, similar to the breakfast sandwich and chicken suggestions is to use if for grilled cheese. Spread a VERY thin amount on the outside of the bread (not inside like you’re dressing a sandwich) before putting it in the pan. Makes for a beautiful golden brown crust with no actual mayo taste to speak of.

6/17/21 1:24AM

Was going to say. Even onlookers, passers-by, hapless servants just as much as pompous lords. Death for everyone.

6/16/21 12:54PM

Yeah, feeling it’ll be Breath of Time or something insane like the Concordance Clockworks lol.