If you think this is a career high from Jason Segel in finding humor in humiliation, you really need to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall again.  Read more

Putting Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 5th, especially right now, feels very wrong. Read more

“Hey, does this coke smell funny?” Read more

Arrested Development is only #1 if you ignore everything after season 3.  Read more

After season 4, I just hope everyone is in the same show this time. Season 3 was all over the place. Chris Rock was in a prestige drama. Jessie Buckley was in a screwball comedy. And Jason Schwartzman’s brother was busy delivering the single worst acting performance since AJ Soprano. Read more

I’m firmly in the camp that the Touhys didn’t do anything blatantly wrong, but they still sound like assholes and I don’t mind seeing them get dragged through the mud.  Read more

There, There by Mali Obomsawin and Magdalena Abrego.  Read more

Does the season get better? I’ve only watched the first episode, but despite enjoying the first season, all these new characters annoyed me so much (and didn’t make me laugh once) I think I’m out.  Read more

Way too many nominations for “Ted Lasso”. Did they even watch the current season or is this a lifetime achievement kind of thing? Read more

Unpopular opinion: They never got around to eating in that episode, but holy shit did the scenery get devoured. It’s like the director said, “OK, let’s do it like Scarface, but less subtle.”  Read more

You forgot the mention the biggest glow-up in recent history between We are the Millers and his gloriously tattooed chef in The Bear.  Read more

Say what you want about Judd Apatow, but he made sure Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Aubrey Plaza were totally believable as stand-up comedians in Funny People. Jonah, in particular, was better than 80% of the actual stand-ups I’ve seen.  Read more

Is Zoolander not 21st century? Oh wait, it opened two weeks after 9/11, so yes, it totally is. Let’s just replace Super Troopers with that and admit the oversight.  Read more

Agree. But I think it’s a comedy.  Read more

As far as I could tell, the central plot of Yellowjackets season 2 seemed to be, “How many seasons do you think we can milk this for?”  Read more

Not sure what “Dave” has to do to get some attention. It was already one of the most entertaining shows on TV and this year, they added a ton of big-name cameos that fit right into the lunacy.  Read more

Loved Connor and Willa’s faces when it was suggested that Mencken’s victory wouldn’t hold up and they’d get to spend all their time together.  Read more

Think of all the great needle drops still to come over the next 8 seasons or so as they continue to introduce new team members who they expect us to believe have been there all along. Also, most of the teenagers are starting to get varicose veins and crow’s feet.  Read more

Here’s how I see this all playing out (since no one asked): Mencken’s “victory” doesn’t hold up in court. Everyone is pissed at ATN for trying to push the election in that direction. Their stock price plummets. Mattson acquires them for far less than he originally offered. Logan Roy’s legacy is forever tarnished by Read more

Counterpoint: This show kinda sucks now. Much like Ted Lasso, I’m only continuing to watch because I already have so much time invested. I don’t like any of the characters. Which is fine. I don’t like any of the Roy kids either. The difference is, I don’t particularly care what happens to any of the Barry characters, Read more