As the other poster noted the “3db” is more a reference to the amount or power needed. I.E. generally speaking to gain 3db in SPL you need to double the power to the speaker. Sound also drops over distance as well. Frankly when it comes to sound traveling, the low frequencies are the ones you really worry about. They Read more

No only is a replacement not available in the US, I don’t think one ever will be, at this point.

Police in a Fox 11 report state that the intersection in question has a speed limit of 15 mph Read more

I have a base Mk7 Sportwagen with a 5MT. It bums me out that a car like mine is probably never going to be sold in the US again. 

Having driven this generation SLK i feel i have to tell you the driving experience is closer to a steam roller filled with heavy cream than the MX5. It is also the only car ive ever driven where i feel i am way to big for it. 

Counterpoint, our local Utah Toyota Offroad group is fantastic. We sponsor public trail clean-ups and maintenance, teach proper land-use and techniques, and correct anyone who posts about misusing land. 

Did you target-fixate? Did it feel like the bike just wanted to go to the outside of the turn and you couldn’t keep it from doing that, or that you had no choice but to go off the road? Read more

The reality is you’re not sacrificing anything for daily driving, really. It’s not hard to get into or out if with kids, it’s actually easier to load stuff into, there’s plenty of room, and it looks better. Did everone really decide getting into and out of non-SUVs is hard? I’m genuinely asking.

Do you need to take a test drive from a franchised dealer?  Or, if the company offered test drives at a company store, and you bought online, wouldn’t that fulfill your requirements?   

LOL you think they’re actually knowledgeable? Most of them know less than you do!

Damn tires, interrupting my dinner, asking if I’ve heard the Goodyear news.

...the marque’s average age of clients has dropped to a near-infantile 43 years old. Read more

>...the marque’s average age of clients has dropped to a near-infantile 43 years old. Read more

You could lease a 911 for 36 months for half that according to their current lease specials...how does this math make any sense at all? Do you really need to be swapping out your Porsche every three months? Minimum seems to be a month, so you can’t exactly daily your Macan, get a 718 for your weekend trip up to Big Sur Read more

No room in the garage for a vehicle.