Wait, why should we pull the wheel off to plug a tire? Read more

Wait, why should we pull the wheel off to plug a tire?

Forget Bowflex. This is the original and still the best all-in-one workout machine. Under 500$ new and even less if you can find used gear.

Forget Bowflex. This is the original and still the best all-in-one workout machine. Under 500$ new and even less if

We ended up buying a Golf at that time. If you can compare a GTI to the C-max, I feel like we couldn’t have even been driving the same car. Perhaps it makes a difference: The one we drove was not the “Energi”. It was just a regular old C-max as far as I know.

Sometime around 2013, I walked into a Ford dealership looking for a family hauler. Thie C-max was the closest thing they had to a proper wagon, so we took it for a test drive.
It really was an interesting car. Interesting enough for the memory of the event to stick with me. Read more

I’m confused. Aren’t there 3 standard nozzle sizes? The smallest one is for gasoline, the medium one is for passenger car diesel, and the largest one is for commercial diesel. I also carry one of those adapter funnels in my diesel cars for places that only have the large nozzle size, though I’ve only had to use it Read more

Money printer indeed. This is EXACTLY where my head went when the Bronco was announced. Give it the serious off road chops and the seven speed manual of the Bronco, and the payload of an early 90s compact pickup, and I’ll be your first buyer.

I applaud you for trying!

Same journey, same result. We might have even considered raising the budget for it (because it was SO nice inside), but the two pedal thing was a deal breaker for us.

I’ve always thought it strange that Apple borrowed the word “complications” from the horology world totally appropriately, but then for some reason used the word “bands” to describe their straps.

I’m a little late to the party here, so who knows whether you’ll see this. Read more

I am so excited to hear your impressions of this thing. It could make the perfect around the neighborhood vehicle for taking the kids to the pool. Instead of all of those too-expensive and too-same-looking golf carts.

Seriously. My household just won’t consider it without our preferred transmission type. I know we’re the minority, but this isn’t the kind of thing that people compromise on. It’s binary. You’re either okay with an automatic, or you aren’t. There is no “well, the rest of the car is good enough that I’ll buy it even Read more

I always find it odd that people can’t make the tiniest changes or repairs before the ad photo shoot. How much could it have cost to replace the antenna and the steering wheel cover? And why would you leave the air freshener in there? The car was clearly well detailed, so the seller was paying attention. But somehow Read more

Exactly. Rust belt here, and I’ve never had a lug nut that wouldn’t come off. Lubricating your lug nuts is not the right solution to this problem. Removing them more often is. How long are these people going between tire rotations anyway?

If I don’t know how to wrench and what to look for, I should be finding a way to spend more money on a better vehicle.” Read more

Yes, if you have a 3 member family, one of the cars in your fleet should probably fit all three. The original question asker only mentioned a 2 member family and did not clarify whether this would be his or her only car.

Maybe we Lifehackers should discuss how to “hack” these masks to solve the problem. Read more

As someone with kids in car seats that ride in our Miata all the time, I have to ask: Why does having a 7 year old suggest you need a back seat? I honestly don’t understand. I just ran it by one of the kids. She doesn’t understand either.

I’ve owned 4 devices with Touch ID, so I’ve set it up at least 4 times. I definitely did it multiple times on the first one trying to solve it. For a while, earlier on, I would sit there while watching TV touching it over and over and over with the setting screen on. Because I’d read that it can refine its map of your Read more