Aug 31

Portland has deep racist roots as a segregated city with ramifications that are still felt today. It also has a strong black community, and a population that deeply values social justice. Read more

Aug 30

Is more than 20 percent POC not diverse enough for protests? Is there some minimum you think there should be? Read more

Aug 12

You know what else is fundamentally unfair? Giving drugs to dozens of women over decades so you can rape them. A practice for which there is ample evidence, even by his own statements. Read more

Aug 10

Yeah if wearing a mask feels suffocating and trapping how do they think being on a ventilator would feel?

Jul 14

As much as I love Picard/Stewart, Sisko Is the best Captain...

Jun 26

Yes — she is a truly kind-hearted person who is just bursting with empathy. Did you see the videos where she bought fish and purchased a spherical bowl (which apparently is disorienting for fish)? She was legitimately heartbroken and apologized profusely. And that was just fish! I know she’s hurting now & that makes Read more

Jun 26

First of all, Jenna Marbles didn’t do blackface. She had a dark tan when she worked in a tanning shop. Tacky? Yes. Blackface? No. She had that tan in every video at the time. Read more

Jun 26

Jenna, despite her old videos (which were not classy in their time but would not have warranted the outrage they do today), is like, the least problematic YouTuber on the platform now. She is conscientious to the max, as her apology video shows. She is the opposite of pretentious, which is amazing considering how Read more

Jun 22

While I understand feeling disappointment in JK Rowling expressing her out of touch views, why should her publishing company be forced to say anything in public on the matter? Can’t we just let some things stay neutral? The more to the left we go the closer we are to closing that circle and ending up on the far right.

Apr 8

It’s disgusting to hear Biden thank Sanders for challenging the Powers That Be when Biden himself represents those same Powers That Be in so many ways. I was always in Elizabeth Warren’s camp but am more saddened than ever that I have to vote for this person who has done practically nothing to further social progress Read more

Mar 22

Just a shame he is asymptomatic, instead of experiencing a nice array of pain. I guess he is another one of them whom not even Satan will take a second before they have to.

Mar 17

It’s over. RIP Bernie, Elizabeth, Corey, Kamala, Julian, Beto, Kristen, Andrew and even Pete. Our party has decided that Biden is our choice to defeat Trump and lead our nation. Read more

Mar 17

Why can’t Mitch McConnell get it? And Lindsay Graham? And Trump? But mostly Mitch McConnell. He’s the one doing the most long-term damage.

Mar 16

I assumed that but JFC. That company really needs to step up and grant enough PTO to at least particularly vulnerable people if they don’t have it. I was livid earlier today when I saw a few very old people still working as checkout clerks in grocery stores today in Seattle.

Mar 16

If there’s a punch clock involved then I wouldn’t be surprised if that person needs to show up to work in order to get paid and survive. Read more

Mar 16

I don’t mean this to be snarky but why do you have a coworker going through chemo who is out of the house for any reason other than critical medical treatment?

Mar 16

Look, I want to bang Idris Elba like a screen door in a hurricane as much as everyone else on the planet but... why tf is he able to get tested with NO SYMPTOMS when my friends in the UK say there's a shortage of tests?