Sep 5 2019

As he ages, he looks more and more like Dave Gahan, the singer for Depeche Mode, so I find him compelling, but rest assured, I am VERY ASHAMED of it.

Aug 7 2019

This stood out to me too as particularly cruel. Forcing a woman to give birth to a healthy baby she can’t (or doesn’t want to) support is bad enough, but now they have to make sure non-healthy babies with very expensive and heartbreaking congenital disabilities are forced to exist? I bet if you asked the men who Read more

Aug 7 2019

No, no, no, it’s called PECKERS, and the logo is a woodpecker with a phallic-looking beak, and all the male servers wear banana hammocks and NOTHING ELSE.

Jul 23 2019

Not that it is EVER okay to send unsolicited diet bars to ANYONE, but...

IF you’re going to make an assumption about the correlation between someone’s size and their diet (and you really, really shouldn’t), wouldn’t it make more sense to send the bar to people wearing the SMALLEST sizes? Aren’t they statistically more Read more

Jun 11 2019

An underlying issue (at least in my experience) is that many women actually prefer to do the bulk of the housework because they have higher standards of cleanliness. Most of the time when men “help out” they do such a sloppy, lazy job their female partners have to walk behind them and re-clean. I’ve dated men who were Read more

Apr 19 2019

DUDE. I’m 1000% more interesting than my coworkers, and live a full, rich life, but you’d think I’m basically wasting away in the gulag based on how those coworkers react when I admit I have no weekend plans. Also, I don’t jump at every chance to escape the city, because I actually LIKE our city and want to spend Read more

Mar 22 2019

I can appreciate what you’re saying, but I was referring mostly to the falsification of clinical trial results, doctors’ tendencies to gain knowledge of new drug therapies from drug company reps, and the practice of prescribing medications for “off label” uses to increase profits. I’m sure the folks who work in Read more

Mar 21 2019

Yes. The discussion surrounding anti-vaxxers so often focuses on wealthy people who think private schools and gated communities will save their kids from polio that we mostly ignore those who are simply seeking answers outside the system that has failed them. As another commentator pointed out, there’s likely some Read more

Mar 21 2019

The healthcare industry is at least partially responsible for this. While the science behind vaccines is ironclad, pharmaceutical companies do routinely get over on doctors, patients, and the FDA. They market their latest drugs directly to the public for profit’s sake, and don’t give a single shit about safety or Read more

Feb 19 2019

Not that it matters now, but he actually did respond to the BernieBro phenom at some point in 2016. It was a CNN interview in which he declared “Get out of our movement. We don’t want you.”

Everything else you’ve pointed out is totes valid, but it’s a wee bit irritating that everyone thinks Sanders was publicly on Read more

Feb 18 2019

“why all the hate?”

Because he’s an old white man and people who are too lazy to care about actual policy focus exclusively on identity politics.

And because Democrats can’t stand not being the most progressive people in the room.

Feb 5 2019

I’ll go one further: I don’t believe this story is even real. The cursory way he describes the victim is a little too convenient, as is his claim that he was homicidally outraged by her assault. Neeson has repeatedly made disparaging comments about #MeToo. He doesn’t give a shit about women.

I 100% believe this was Read more

Jan 11 2019

I feel like I am the only woman on the planet who thought Cat Person read as redpill propaganda disguised as feminist lit. Margot doesn’t merely consent to Robert’s advances out of politeness; she practically mauls him before he takes her back to his place. He tries to turn her down. She doesn’t let him. THEN all the Read more

Jun 15 2017

Ugh, ugh, ugh. One of the weirdest things to me is how people keep saying that his role as “America’s dad” is what makes this all so hard to believe.
Like…he’s an ACTOR. Do you not understand the concept of showbiz? Of television? Of fiction itself? That so many people conflate a fictional character with a real Read more

Feb 23 2017

Agreed. Those boots are beyond hideous. I’m actually not loving any of the fur in this collection. It’s all muppety.

Feb 16 2017

Came here to say this. Due to size, habitat, and social behaviors, some animals just shouldn’t be kept in captivity. There doesn’t appear to be a humane way to enclose large mammals for long periods of time, so we shouldn’t do it. Smaller animals that don’t suffer from zoo life? I see no reasons they can’t live in Read more

Jan 30 2017

There are third party candidates that siphon away votes from Democrats every election. That isn’t why we have Cheeto Hitler in office right now. He isn’t a normal Republican, and if the margin between a normal president being elected and a literal fascist being elected is only 1%, we have a huge f-ing problem here. Read more