Oct 5 2018

I’m thinking that despite what the Russos said, the title could still be Avengers: Endgame

Jun 13 2018

I wonder if Mr. Peele would try to have the various Star Trek actors return to voice their characters from the cartoon? Read more

Jun 11 2018

But, please, keep replaying the same 10 episodes of American Dad over and over.

Mar 2 2018

Let us not forget the depressing remnants of the planet from the year 2300 AD in Chrono Trigger. After Lavos surfaced in 1999 AD to pretty much wipe out all life, the planet entered a nuclear winter of sorts leaving robots and machines to rule the land and only a few pitiful human survivors without food, sunlight, or,

Dec 20 2017

I am under the impression that Rey and Leia both know he is “gone”/dead.

Dec 27 2016

Whatever happens, I already feel bad for the actor to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Unless he knocks it out of the park, the nerdrage I expect to rain down is inevitable.