Pink Everlasting
11:45 AM

I’ve always actually thought you can only enjoy the book if you are able to overlook its really weird thrown together elements. Some people love the mystic turtle shit, I always thought it would be stronger without (though I guess if you got into the Dark Tower stuff, it probably made you retroactively like it a lot Read more

11:07 AM

Jamie Spears is her dad. Jamie-Lynn Spears is her sister.

3:37 PM

From my experience “bringing the community together to address race” means hosting an awkward diversity training session where black attendees do unpaid emotional labor “educating” everyone on their experiences, while white attendees take a frustratingly long time to grasp the basic concepts of racism. And then they Read more

3:17 PM

yea i peeped that too. what a fucking mess even the explanation is. It blows my mind how...people....keep making these mistakes. Creating an inclusive environment and more importantly enforcing it really isn’t hard if you’re not harboring some angst and all these bullshit responses from company’s with their “we will Read more

3:15 PM

The eggs being suspended mid division results in greater possibility of chromosomal rearrangements. But producing sperm requires constant division of cells resulting in the rise of the number of point mutations with age (most de novo mutations in kids corelate with father’s age - Rate of de novo mutations, Read more

2:48 PM

It just sounds like she’s a woman, married to a mega-celebrity, who’s normally tired of having to talk to fucking TMZ every time she’s in public, but especially so since her husband just almost fucking died. But nah, probably just some female-on-female jealousy.

1:02 AM

Yes. Missing that education can follow a person around for life, especially if they’re in the public eye and have no opportunity to get grounded in the basics once they’re older--the whole “you don’t KNOW THAT?” scorn would be magnified exponentially.

10:17 PM

His writing is pretty awful. Ariana Grande seems to be barely literate too. Is this the result of them not going to school because they were working child stars?

9:04 PM

Just for clarification, bread is a process food. So is steeped tea, coffee, cheese, guacamole, and anything you cut, chop, blanch, bake, add spices to, or anything else. Unless you’re eating a raw apple or something, you’re eating a processed food. Read more

7:41 PM

I have this condition. It’s a common symptom of autism, as in my case. I hope this boy can find a way to cope with his condition and I hope he gets tested for autism.

10:34 AM

Fuck me. I mean if we can't trust professional wastrels to post accurate photographs of their social media subsidized lifestyle, who can we trust? I'm shaken.

3:48 PM

Tripping on that, I also think part of it is she wasn’t overtly sexual, or at least not in the way that Britney or even Aaliyah and Beyonce were. My favorite Missy song was always “One Minute Man”, because it makes her message clear. “I’m not here to please you, you’d better step up so you can please me!” Even now, Read more

2:23 PM

I can’t help but wonder if the media finally find it acceptable to acknowledge her now that she has lost some weight. Its bullshit if true, but its the only thing that has changed about her. She is still as epic in every other respect as she always was.

1:56 PM

I’m going to focus on one part of the story: the current mindset that it’s not rude at all to just whip out a smartphone whenever you feel like it. Read more

5:30 PM

Celebrity relationships are weird....logistically, they may go weeks or months at a time not actually seeing eachother. And then they might sit on their asses between projects for a few months and be around one another 24/7. It’s like if all of your relationships were structured as two 6th graders who go to different Read more

9:38 PM

I currently have a broken hand and am an unofficial member of the no-bra club as much as humanly possible because putting on a bra takes about 5 minutes (that’s assuming if I do it the right way the first time). I’m packing a lot up top, though, so I can’t freeball it as much as I’d like, but occasionally I say fuck Read more

3:29 PM

I have no patience for the way Leste handled this. You don’t have to pay a lawyer to write a letter requesting information. Whoever has control of the Leste social media accounts escalated this far, far beyond what was necessary. Ridiculous.